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Get Street-Wise About Supplements

Tips to Becoming Supplement Savvy


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Thanks for the information Report
Good information. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Great article..I am taken vitamin B12 at the advice of my Doctor. I am not allowed to take any meds over counter because of my kidney failure. Report
Good article. Report
Thanks! This is why the nutrition tracker here at SP is so excellent of a tool--track, and supplement only when needed. Report
I think I might need a little bit of supplements but need to study on it more Report
I tried supplements for awhile, but I found they made me feel bad. Why do that? I think I can control my vitamins & minerals so much easier with my intake. Report
Anecdotal evidence is meaningless; your supplement probably "works" for you because you believe it does.
Having said that, since I started tracking everything on SP, I saw that I am deficient in iron and potassium. The potassium has alleviated my issues with water-weight gain due to the normal monthly stuff, and also recurring ovarian cysts.

And can we ban the Shaklee pyramid-schemers from this site, please??? Report
"...Since it is natural you won't expect any harsh side effects." As a professional chemist, let me remind all readers that arsenic, mercury and lead are also completely "natural." The word "natural" is not a guarantee of safety. Report
I could not agree more. Continuous exercise and proper diet can help lose weight safely.

Supplements are not bad at all but then we need proper education and information on a particular supplement first before we even try it.

I do not know if anyone tried Bella Amp'd but it is one of the good diet pills stuff out there. At least based from my experience. But before I tried that or any kind of pills, I try to find more about the product first, especially its side effects.

So far the insane amp'd diet pills side effects are not that of a big deal. Since it is natural, you won't expect any harsh side effects. I guess, it pays to look for what's included in the pill before taking it.
I was always told, "Let food be thy medicine" Healthy nutritious foods can heal and improve your body overall. Report
I havent' taken any since I was a kid. Report
I am not an expert at all. I took vitamins and mineral supplements as I need them without advice from doctors and nurses. I took potassium due to low amount in my blood test. Thank SP nutrition tracker for helping me to see how much all vitamins and minerals I ate my meals. With the kind of help, I had cut down on certain vitamins like not taking vitamin C pills or potassium if the food have good source of whatever it have. I am doing good for few days with my diet plan and trying to get in good shape on fitness. Report

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