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Help Yourself Over Diet Hurdles

Make Options Instead of Excuses


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Great ideas. Report
Good article. Report
Awesome...thanks.... Report
Awesome tips ! Report
Went over my steps at our 91st family picnic. Stayed within my counts! Report
Know that the darkest night is often
the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie Report
Great and doable tips. Thank you Report
These are great tips. Report
great article Report
For those who can't keep sodium low enough if they use prepackaged foods, try cooking so you have enough for several meals & freeze in portioned amounts so you have your own healthy for you style TV dinners Report
I would like to know what frozen food entrees the author thinks are healthy. Based in the given RDA for salt on Sparkpeople~2300~ MOST frozen food entrees have to be avoided~they put all that salt in there ~500 or MORE per serv. to preserve it!!!~Sparkers~ if you know of frozen foods that have less than 300 mg per serv.,let me know.And I have tried Amy's and do not like them ~too spicy for my acid reflux!! Report
no more excuses, this is a good article to prevent them. Report
great Report
This article is a great excuse buster! Report

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