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Beating Restaurants at Their Own Game!

Over a Dozen Dining Out Tips


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This is great...i have alot of trouble when it comes to eating out Report
For years, I ordered entrees for my daughter and I and ate both. Now I order one we will both like and we share. Not only does it save me calories, it saves me money as well! Report
I also go by the "appetizer as a meal" advice. sometimes I will order just something from the appetizer menu with a small salad for my meal, and ask they be brought out with the other entrees rather than before hand. If i have an entree in front of me I'll eat it.

I know this is seemingly wasteful, but if you eat fast and are not in a position to take your leftover food with you (out of town or not going home after your meal) I usually separate my food, eat the portion I allow myself, then pour salt all over it the leftover food so I won't pick at it and end up eating the whole restaurant size portion. Report
These are great ideas. I usually split an appetizer with a friend (like a brie or some spinach dip) and then put half my meal away. I also do the one bread limit w/o butter (dip it in your sauce w/ pasta is the easiest way to avoid butter).

The only beef I have with this article is the recommendation for artificial sweetener. Aspartame is horrible for you and will preserve your insides making it MORE difficult to lose weight. Go for tea with lemon or carbonated water (like Perrier) instead of soda. It seems hard to make the switch, but in the end it will help you lose weight. No calories will not cancel out the negative effects (including loss of memory and weight gain). Report
Depending on the restaurant, I either order from the kids menu, or have the waitstaff bring a to-go box at the beginning of the meal and put half of the meal in it immediately.
Also, drinking water between bites, and putting down the fork are great strategies too!

I bring my Weight Watcher point book with me so that I can look up the points and make better choices. If you aren't doing Weight Watchers, use the Calorie King books available at most of the larger chain book stores. This is especially good for Diabetics that have to keep track of carbs as well as calories, fats and fiber. Report
I will definatly use the putting down my fork suggestion as I eat way too fast! I have already started ordering just water and trying to fill up on that before the meal comes. Report
Another thing that works in some cases is to order from the kids menu... I do that... the kids menus are closer to 1 serving of each item, whereas on the regular menu, you can get alot more than just a serving. The kids menu offer normal size portions at normal size prices Report
I usually eat soup and salad,most of the time skip desert. But then other times,ooo, I Love Red Lobster. Report
The laying your fork down really works. It takes a conscious effort so your more aware of how much your eating. Drinking water as you eat works too! Report
my fav restaurant actually have really "normal" size meals. i ALWAYS order the salads or grilled fish/chicken and i never ask to bring any dressing: i use olive oil and balsamic vinegar. so far so good lol:)) Report
I do the box up tip. Some times I will eat it or sometimes toss it on the way out. Especially if it was a huge portion. I usually don't have the expendable calories for it the next day. Report
You're right, the putting your fork down between bites does seem odd. I eat slowly anyway (I once had a friend who said I chewed something 18 times before I swallowed it, but I'm sure that's an exaggeration!). My husband went to boarding school, where he only had 30 minutes to get from one building to the cafeteria, eat, then go to the next building for classes. Talk about bad eating habits! I've had to bite my tongue over the years to refrain from telling him to breathe when he eats! Over the last several days, he's taken to putting his fork down between bites, and is enjoying his meals more (he can actually taste his food now), and has been eating less. Report
Putting your fork down between bites seems odd. Eat out with someone. When your talking, your not chowing. Also, take a sip of your drink every few bites. Both will slow you down. Report
I like and use the idea of eating an appetizer instead of a full meal. Report

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