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Squeezing in Exercise

How I Learned to Stay Active on the Run


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Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I do the Walmart walk once a week Report
Great info Report
Good info Report
thanks Report
Great article Report
Gives me something to think about...Thx! Report
These are good, but I still have a hard time getting my my heart rate up in little snatches of time. Trying to find a way to fit 30 minute runs back into my life. (And the shower and change of clothes than necessarily comes between that and heading to work. Report
Thank you! I need reminders. Report
Another reason for squeeze in a workout when you can is the weather. I'm an outdoor exerciser and it's been raining off + on for 2 days now. This morning I was determined to get it in regardless so I got ready and when it stopped, off I went. A short warm-up + hill sprints. 20 min later found me on the front porch finishing up with 2 circuits of standing body weight training and a good stretch. You guessed it ... it's raining again. Report
What I did not see was a comment about taking the boys to a park and engaging in some play with them! A missed opportunity! Report
Did the jumping jacks but had to modify them Report
thanks Report
Thanks Report

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