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The Keys to Conquering Cholesterol

Do's and Don'ts for a Healthy Heart


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This article was written in 2005. There is plenty of new and correct info regarding cholesterol available. Whole eggs and bacon are back. Dietary cholesterol is no longer believed to affect cholesterol in the body. Statins are evil and do not help with coronary heart disease. I'm not picking on the RD that wrote it but it IS very old info. Report
Good article. Report
I struggle with high cholesterol every day Report
Always good to get it checked Report
Some good information and good changes to make. Report
good infomation.I had a specialized test and leaned my problem is not from the food I eat but my family history Report
I have mine checked twice s year. I exercise, have a healthy weight. Don't smoke and everything else but I still have to take Simvastan to keep my cholesterol in check. Report
Thanks for the info. Report
Good info Report
I had mine checked on Tuesday...............and actually have it checked twice/yr. Report
Update article please.... Report
good article Report
Good info for know...Thanx! Report
This article needs a serious update. A lot of new research has been done since 2005. Report
Cholesterol is no longer considered as important as it once was, and dietary cholesterol only changes your numbers about 20 points. If it is hereditary diet will do nothing. Report

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