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Manage Yourself in No Time

Tips to Fit More Into Your Day


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This is my life, except for the saying now part. I need ot get that under control.. but sometimes I think to much ahead and what it means for other people or other things and thats why I take on more tasks, because i do not want anyone else to suffer.. but the stress has been significantly less now that I am working out on a regular basis because I have a release.. so now even when I take on a little extra I handle it well because there is no built up tension anymore Report
Learning to say no is a huge one! Report
Right on DEBSHOPON2... Report
Good article. I do not think this article intends to have you go. go. go. all the time. By
planning your days, keeping a stocked pantry, keeping an orderly (and clean) house a
sense of peace will prevail. Much better then hit or miss living! Report
Just reading this article stressed me out. Go Go Go! Report
This article was interesting...but very "full" of things to do at all times. Multi-tasking has its place....but I think truly to have a less stressful life we must develop balance. As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that not too many things in my life affect world peace and are, therefore, really not that pressing! Report
I appreciate Becky's ideas, but if I lived like that, I would be crazy from stress! Might try truning off the TV, and then take time to breath, focus on and enjoy one thing at a time, live in the moment...Oddly enough, things can still get done, and it's somuch more fun! ANd your children will enjoy having you 'at home behind your eyes', too! Report
The one big time waster not mentioned is TV. Just turning off the TV frees up lots of time for other activities! Report
I enjoyed the article and thought that many worthwhile points were made. Just one small thing... I'm not sure where the information about Malaysians leaving a small flaw on final products came from. I'm an Australian who has been living in Malaysia for the past 2 years and can whole-heartedly say that I've never heard that before! 60% of the population here follow Islam, therefore the majority don't worship 'gods', and the rest belong to many other religions including Christianity, Taosism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Therefore it can't be part of Malaysian religion to leave a flaw as there is no one religion here. Most Malaysians work very hard to get things perfect. Just thought I'd clear that up :) Report
It was a good article, but it makes you think that they are over stressing and not relaxing.
We always had a dry erase board by the back door and the kids had to put their schedules on there so we knew where they would be. We also had one with their chores and they could mark them off when they finished them. Report
I actually should have lots of time because I'm an empty nester but years of having a very full schedule has actually left me with a sort of "phantom urgency" about time. I am still stressed about using my new-found extra time wisely. This article gives me lots to think about--I may not need to stock up on lots of extra food now that there is only my husband and myself but I could be refocusing on stocking up on having the "right" food so we don't end up going out to a restaurant! And I still have projects I'd like to complete instead of just flopping down in front of the TV. This article has challenged me to come up with my own ideas for wise use of time. Thanks! Report
I like the article, and I also like your comment, Noosner. I'm great at multi-tasking, but the more I do it, the more overwhelmed I feel, and I know I'm not getting things done as well as I could, even if they are getting done quickly. I think prioritizing is one of the best ways to get over feeling overwhelmed. If I can finish my day with my "critical" list accomplished, I feel much more at ease. Report
It's also a good thing to simply stop from time to time and do absolutely nothing for ten minutes. It's one of life's paradoxes that the more we get done, the more we often find to do. I've found that cutting down on multitasking, rather than increasing it, has made me feel less stressed. Multitasking is one of women's strengths but it can make us feel over-responsible in a household. Focussing less on finishing things - for example starting several tasks rather than completing one - can help too. Report
I used to get frustrated when I was ready to leave but a family member was not. Now, I clean out a drawer or try to empty the dishwasher or some other task before they are ready. It helps me not to get annoyed, and I get some small task done in the meantime! Report
I typically always leave myself sticky-notes on the bathroom mirror or on folders for work! It's the only way I can remember anything. Report

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