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Manage Yourself in No Time

Tips to Fit More Into Your Day


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I am a morning gal. The get'er done theory is best for the morning!
Great tips! Thank you! Report
Planning makes such a difference. Report
Good article. Report
Great blog, thanks for sharing. Report
I needed this read! Report
This is a great article and gave me some new ideas. I like the idea of cleaning the bathroom while the gremlins are in the bathtub... :) Report
Great article. Thanks Report
Great article!

I highly recommend

Simply Get Everything Done
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I needed this! Some days can be overwhelming! Report
stressful items in blocks of time and only focus on them for that designated block of time and move to next if multi tasking I have found but may not work for everyone and order of priority essential Report
Good article, but I am not a fan of always multi-tasking. That just causes anxiety for me. Report
Didn't feel this gave any real tips. How about some examples of how to do things. This didn't have any depth to it at all! Report
Reading the comments about permission to not do so much, that is the one I agree with more than the multi-tasking part of the article. I laugh, because I came to this article from one that said to not multi-task - for stress reduction - and yesterday there was one to not multi-task for mindful eating and the day before that was don't multi-task for healthier relationships and more mindful lives. I get to the organization article and it gives ways to multi-task, and I know that we all did multi-task to fit everything in and now we are paying with health problems, shallow relationships and obesity. Report
While this article comes up with some additional ways we can cram more into every day, and be more organized in doing so, I think more people would be helped if we gave ourselves permission *not* to do so much. It should be acceptable to be still for a few moments (or more!) and simply be mindful of where we are, take in the scenery, really focus on the conversation, savor the experience of just being alive. Those moments are the ones we will remember, not the days we spend multi-tasking with our attention fractured among half a dozen things. Report

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