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10 Cool Ways to Embrace Winter

Mood-Boosting Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues


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Some good tips there. The ones about sunshine, snow and sleep aren't too helpful as I live in the northern rain forest, we get little and I am a chronic insomniac. I'm sure I am in the minority so good article in general. Report
Helpful Report
very helpful, thank you! Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
thanks Report
goals are doing good so far and soon the winter 5% challenge will start Report
Thank you for a wonderful article. I want to start incorporating outdoor exercises for the winter. Report
I hated every thing about Michigan winters....and then a friend loaned snowshoes to me. It made a world of difference to strap those on my walk the fields sweating like crazy in zero temps, seeing deer in their herds and coyote footprints in the I wait all year to have snow! Report
We get on a cruise ship for several weeks! Report
On the "bright" side---this article was posted in January, about 2 weeks after the shortest day of the year. I can already tell that the sky is lighter when I drive to work in the morning, and sunset is a little later. I can even see a change in my houseplants .
Thank you. We no longer have to weather the snow as we winter in TX. Love the 70's. Report
Thank you Report
Great advice. Report

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