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Weight Loss Resolution? No Way!

Resolve to Change Your Habits


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Good article. Report
I gave up resolutions in college. They were either to vague or to stifling to work. Report
Well said! Report
No resolutions for me. I will set 3 goals and do my very best to meet them. Report
all these suggestions are as valid today as when it was written in '04. Thanks Report
Great article...going to implement some of these ideas
Great article. Going to try all of the hints this year(2018) Report
Good points to ponder. Resolutions are ridiculous and useless. Report
Very detailed analysis! Report
Great article Report
This is great. The Big Resolution is actually made up of smaller resolutions. Report
Great article. It gives me something to work on and think about! Report
I still tend to eat when I get really stressed, but that has gotten much better. I also use to do some mindless eating when I was bored. Now I go for a few glasses of water and that really does help me. Writing down absolutely everything before I put it into my mouth makes me realize what I am doing and that has really made a difference Report
Make it a priority to fill your eyes and mind with people, places and images that inspire you. Report
Excellent article. I tend to eat more when I am stressed and tired. Report

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