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Too Much Junk!

Does Junk Food Have A Place in a Healthy Diet??


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My sugar addiction is an absolute nightmare. I wake up in the early hours of the morning and cram in a high amount of sugary food, especially after a good day low in sugar. After reaching a comfort level of suger, I go back to bed. This can happen more than a couple of times a night. Someone - give me some hope Report
I take cinnamon tablets for sugar cravings, and it works well. But I haven't found a good supplement or nutritional plan for my salt cravings. I have found that I am allergic to corn: corn chips, corn tortilla, corn starch, corn, corn, corn. Baby steps. I make small healthy changes every day. Report
I went to the gym yesterday and I plan on going again today. This is to increase my calorie burning, reduce stress and feel better moving my body while strengthening it. I don't eat while I exercise so there is that too! Report
I have struggled with my weight since I had my children 18 years ago. I have finally come to grips that there is no quick solution to weight loss. I have since lost 41lbs in about a year and a half. I have achieved this by cutting out the junk food, and increasing the really yummy stuff, like blueberries, nuts spinach and so much more, but as we all know cutting out what you love most is not the answer. So I have dedicated Friday nights to a free for all. What first happened was I just binged on all that is sweet, rich, creamy and decadent, but have noticed that I have even started to give up that as each thing I put in my mouth my mind says will stay on the hips and they are starting to look good. It is amazing how you can talk yourself out of something that is not good for you. You just have to have that conversation with may seem crazy that you are talking to yourself....but you look good. Report
We only treat ourselves to one coke a week now. We order a small or if home we measure exactly one cup. If we are out, we often do not finish the soda. Just have few sips or half. I absolutely cannot give up my chocolate, but on a good day I have no trouble limiting myself to just one small snak size hershey bar. I found multi-grain pita chips as a substitute for potato chips, but I love them too much. Almost cannot stop eating once I start. So I am going to have to just not buy any chips for the house. Don't know how I will get past this one. Carrots, Cucumbers...nothing crunchy has helped that craving yet. Would love any ideas. Report
When I started sp I was not going to stop my diet dew I was only going to cut back but now I found I don't need it any more. No more Mountain Dew, I have been drinking this since I was young. Report
When I started with SP I decided to give up diet sodas. This not only will help my health it is going to save me money on all of the trips and stops I made to get a drink I thought I needed! Report
I also stopped drinking soda when I looked at the sodium and sugar content! It's craZy how much is in there! Report
VICD25 Stop by my office and I'll introduce you to them. Report
I'd be interested to meet these 4700 people who drink so much soda. I don't know any of them! Report
I cut out all carbonated beverages years before starting with Spark, convinced that they are really not good for my system. I do still struggle to eat more nutrient rich foods, even 5 months into my Spark program. I hit my calories, but need more of them to be made up of better quality foods. I know that when at my largest, I was probably nearly as malnourished as someone who doesn't get enough to eat. While I'm MILES ahead of where I was when I began, I am encouraged by the progress I have made and keep making better choices every day. And I can feel the difference!! Report
I have gotten better about reading the nutritional labels, it was shocking about how much garbage is in these cheap foods. My rule of thumb is spend the money on good food and less at the doctor later in life when it all catches up to you. Report
Luckily, growing up we weren't allowed to drink soda often. But my weakness is breads, rice, and pastas. Report
My junk food crave is bubble gum. Like most it's cheap and I'm wired to want to just chew and chew. At first I was going to just gently try and consume less, but that's not working and I know I don't need of the sugar or food coloring, so I've decided to put a cap on what I'm allowed to have. At the end of the day I feel better knowing that eventually this little battle of cravings will be conquered! :) Report
The demon junk food! In our society it is so hard to get away from it. The marketing people can make a bag of sugar sound like a new diet product! Report

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