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Too Much Junk!

Does Junk Food Have A Place in a Healthy Diet??


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I'm amazed at all the people who say they can just stop eating junk food altogether because it's unhealthy. From the dieting I have done in the past, I already know that when I try to avoid certain foods, no matter how much I know these are not healthy things to eat, I end up craving them even more and eventually binging. So I have stopped myself from doing that by allowing myself to have my little snacks so long as I am eating healthy the rest of the day and I stay in my ranges for calories, carbs, fats, and protein. I also try to let myself have the "junk food" that actually has some nutritional value. Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I love them, and even though they are not really healthy, they do give me some protein. Some days I don't feel like eating any junk food at all and some days I can't wait for that little treat. Report
mine too, I seem to eat it when I am stressed Report
Other then just for looks it's important to eat healthy & be active to reduce the risk of disease. I don't often think this way but it's true and this article reminds me so. Enjoyed it. Report
Junk food is my problem, exercise is fine, it's just junk....I'm not sure what it is .....laziness to prepare healthy foods or whether I genuinely like the junk. I have to admit that I usually feel physically sick after stuffing myself with junk food. Report
Coke has always been my main downfall in junk eating. I love, chips, chocolate etc but have mostly given them up except for rare occasions but the Coke habit is hard to break. I have gone from 3-4 cans a day when I was working to one can a day now that I am retired because I don't burn off as many calories. I just consider it my snack for the day. otherwise we mostly eat fruil for snacks.
I would much rather have junk food but since I h ave extremely high blood pressure and my husband has extremely high blood sugar we have had to make changes in diet as well as the medications. Report
Cokes are my weakness and I haven't had one in 2 weeks :) Report
I love reading all your comments. They really help me stay focused. I need all the help I can get. So thanks. B blessed Report
Junk food is the bane of my diet existance. If it is in the house I will eat it. The days following a birthday party or other such celebration are especially difficult. Report
I didn't think this was a very well written article. There really isn't too much information about how they obtained the facts. For example, the article states "These people scored poorly for dietary healthfulness." Ok. But how did they measure "dietary healthfulness"? What exactly does that mean in relation to this article. I'm sure we could all come up with our own definition of dietary healthfulness. Sounds to me they just stated the obvious. Nothing new in this article. Report
My son on law doesn't drink water. He drinks coke and claims that counts as it's mostly water. So he's clearly one of the 4700 people. 140 calories for one can which can be swallowed in15 seconds! Report
I used to have a diet coke as a treat when I went out for lunch. After 6 months on sp, I have noticed I just choose iced tea or water instead. I do have diet ginger ale at home, for a rare treat. Using the nutrition tracker has made many empty, high calorie foods less appealing, and taught me to avoid them. Report
After all the years of abuse I put my body through, (alcohol, junk foods) I remember how lousy I felt after both. Once in awhile I'll have some baked chips, but it's rare. Yesterday I made a baking sheet of all kinds of roasted veggies. I had some for dinner, but around 8:30 p.m. I was a little hungry, so I munched on zucchini,carrots,mushrooms.greenbeans and cauliflour! There comes a time when you just have to make a choice to be healthy and eliminate the stuff that makes you feel bad. Report
Sugar is not my prob. Salty foods are. Like chips etc. Report
I don't have a problem at all with sugar cravings, but I DO read labels, and try to limit sugar in my diet all the time. This article is so "on the money" with regards to EMPTY calories so many choose to eat. I am appalled at how many thing that 100 calorie snacks are OK on a diet. One really needs to limit even these. May only be 100 calories, but how much sugar, fat, and salt are you consuming, when you could just eat a good apple!!! Report
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have to keep telling myself it is a chemical response in my body and cravings are not a sign of weakness, which then leads to more eating.

Thanks for helping me start my day. Report

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