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Too Much Junk!

Does Junk Food Have A Place in a Healthy Diet??


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I've learned and weigh the option; it is worth eating that junk food over what I am trying to do to improve my health?!? Will it make me guilty if I indulge?!?! If the answer is yes, I'm passing it up. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy a slice of cake, candy or chips. Thank God I am not tempted to overindulge. I don't want my journey to be halted over an emotional binge. I agree with CELOALLEN, if you're tempted to overindulge, just don't do it! Report
Good article. Report
I have a problem with moderation. It is much easier for me to resist all than it is to have just one portion. I adhere to the advertisement that said "you can't have just one" So I find it easier to just say no in the first place. Report
I disagree with WOUBBIE, and think ALISA1122 has it just right. Moderation is the key. People get heavy for different reasons. Binge eating is a sign of an emotional problem. While avoiding trigger foods can help in the beginning, in the end you need to deal with whatever was causing this behavior. Therapy is the correct solution. I'm stunned with how many people look to a weight loss site to cure them of serious psychological issues. I know it's easy and popular to blame the food, but the problems with you. Report
This article brought to you by Captain Obvious. Report
Thank you everyone for your comments. I know I crave sugar and often skip a meal and have some xxx bar. This I'm working on and I think it is work in progress as it comes in waves and is not going away. So one tip was to have fruit instead of sweets in the house - tick - and to have only 70% dark chocolate instead of caramel bars etc. - tick. Report
I used to be a junk food junkie, but as I got older I started becoming more concerned about my health due to the long line of hereditary health problems. I decreased and eventually completely eliminated junk food (especially fast food) from my diet. Just recently, though, I was crunched for time and was hungry so I stopped and got a small burger and split it with my son. After eating just that small, half-portion sized burger I felt like crap! My stomach and intestines were cramping up so bad it felt like a wet rag being wrung out. This happens every time I occasionally eat something very greasy or sickeningly sweet. Even though every once in a while I still crave the taste of a greasy burger or a piece of cheesecake, the repercussions are just not worth it! Report
It wasn't until I began tracking my food on SP that I realized the ONLY time I want junk is when I have fallen back into my lifelong pattern of under eating. That is so-o-o-o easy for me to do because I don't have an appetite and most days I have to force myself to eat the minimum number of calories. I realize now that the pattern of extended under eating with intermittent "catch up" binges added to my problems. The real problem is not eating junk, though. It is not having an appetite, not liking to eat, being allergic to so many foods, and not being able to digest what I eat. Report
Just out of curiosity, why post an article talking about how we eat too much junk food and include a picture of delicious looking cupcakes. Now I really want cake... Report
I have to disagree with ALISA1122. If portion control, moderation and physical activity were realistically doable for most people we wouldn't all be here. Junk food is more than simply empty calories. It sets up a vicious cycle of hunger and cravings that undermines our efforts to control it. This has nothing to do with character or willpower, it's your body reacting badly to something it really doesn't need in the first place. If you crave certain foods there is only one thing you can do to keep from overdoing it - don't even keep them in the house. Report
Maybe we should do the opposite of what we have been told. Butter, whole eggs, whole fat yogert etc in moderation but absolutely no cake, biscuits or soda drinks. These high suger foods give you energy spikes which leave you craving more on an endless nutrient empty cycle that is really hard to break. Butter on toast once a week is surely less bad for you,ellsjo Report
I was having a diet coke or diet mountain dew daily before I started using SP and tracking what I was having. I haven't had a diet soda in 8 weeks now and I am seeing the difference. I drink more water and iced tea when I want a change. Chips have always been my downfall - all my life - but I pretty much stopped buying them. Now if I want chips I just buy what can be considered the "healthiest" of them and just buy a 99 cent bag and then the craving is done. In 6 weeks - I have bought a bag twice instead of a big bag every week. All in moderation but you have to figure out what works for you and what your priorities are. Report
I agree with Jealousbaker. I believe in moderation, and refuse to contemplate a deprivation diet. Alissa1122 mentioned moderation. Different strokes for different folks. Some may be content to replace ALL junk foods, but others may want to reserve junk foods for certain occasions or even as a small part of their overall healthy diet. If folks want to ban junk food from their lives, I wish them well. I won't do it. I think we need to be realistic and find what works best for us as individuals. Report
All food and beverages can, and should, be consumed in moderation. What matters most is portion size because whether you eat too much fat, protein, or carbohydrate, when too many calories are going in without enough calories being burned then weight gain occurs. As a registered dietitian and consultant to the food and beverage industry, I emphasize the importance of portion control, moderation and physical activity to my clients. The truth is, no single food or beverage causes obesity or chronic diseases - it's the culmination of large portions, too many calories consumed and not enough exercise. Report
I recently stopped buying the pretzels, chips and Pirate's Booty (oh man, I would eat a bag of that in one sitting without even realizing it) because I wanted to stop snacking. If I have a craving, I eat a granola bar or peanuts/almonds (and I ALWAYS measure out a serving now, I don't just eat from the jar). I still have a desire for Cheese-Its every now and then, but if I don't buy them, I can't have them. I refuse to give up my Homestyle Popcorn though. That, at least, is not horrific for you. Report

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