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Casual Dress = Weight Loss Success

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Awesome Report
Awesome! Report
Interesting. It may correlate with the fact that I am actually less productive at work when I am casually dressed - spend time flitting around the office but not sitting doing my job as well. Report
Interesting! Report
Casual it is. Report
Good article. Report
Interesting study. I know when we went to casual dress many years ago it was easier to walk to and from work and take walks during the day. Report
There are huge advantages to being a Physical Education teacher..EVERYDAY is a casual day!! Hee hee! Report
Totally true. Like today, my foot are swollen and my shoes are pinching so I know I'll avoid walking around too much. Report
I would say that correlation does not equal causation. I am a technician. If I wear a business suit to work, I cannot do my work, which is very active. I need to wear jeans and comfortable clothing. So, my work is more active, I wear more casual clothing. Meanwhile, my coworkers who sit behind desks wear less casual clothing and move less, because they are chained to their desks.

I often think about what I want to do, as far as exercise goes, and dress accordingly. If I even might do some strength or stretch or aerobic workouts at home, I opt for stretchy pants and not my jeans. Then I am one step farther along when the day starts at home. Report
Makes me really think I'll wear my running shoes even if I get a non-freelance job. (I usually wear comfy shoes to deal with bussing). Report
I find it interesting that the participants only got a little over 6000 steps. I know when I wear my pedometer, I feel really weird if I don't get at least 8000 in by the end of the day... Report
My question is, do people move more because they are wearing the casual attire, or are they wearing casual attire because they have a job (like construction work or sales associate) that requires them to remain on their feet and moving. This article says they looked at different types of jobs. They would have to look at the same company and jobs and see if the employees move more on days they are allowed to dress casually for this to show that dressing casually equates to more movement. Report

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