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You Could Wake Up Naturally to a More Energized Day

Small Changes Can Mean BIG Energy


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Need to do certain stretches in order to stand straight when i get up. If not, my back suffers all day Report
I started getting up naturally, without an alarm, when I started working nights. Mornings never felt right to me back when I worked the 9 to 5. I used to have my clock radio across the room set to the farm report. Nothing like listening to the spot price of hogs and chicken to get me out of bed and moving. Report
I hate mornings but thanks for the info Report
Thanks Report
This is so helpful! Thanks a lot! It reminded me of a time when I would wake up like a cat LOL Stretching, getting out of bed in slow motion like I'm in the moon. That crazy move would make me smile! Will slowly get back to that low gravity mode ha ha Report
I love mornings Report
thank you Report
Of course, if you have a cat, there's no need for an alarm, lol. Report
A former pro grump in morning, I put some fresh flowers by my bed and picture of my dog. Seeing that and smiling was easier than thinking anything positive. Do a few cat cow yoga moves and child pose while still in bed, and say a couple prayers. Now these are habits. Agree routine important. Report
Great points. Some of these I was doing, some not so much! Report
good article Report
Great ideas! Report
an excellent article
I love my morning stretch moments before I get out of bed... they make all the difference to my day! Report
Great article! Report

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