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From Wallet to Waistline

Super-Sized Portions may be More than You Bargained For


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It is important to have it "your" way in all restaurants. I 'budget' in a rare hamburger but never add the accessories. I'll pay for water to drink or bring my own instead of buying soda with empty calories. Report
Good article. Report
Portion control is all I can say & you can have a burger or shake but not daily. I remember when I was kid McDonalds was once every 3-7 months. Now I can't drive by McDonalds & youngest grand baby thinks we should go all day long. Key figuring out healthier options to replace those repeated bad ones.... Report
This article really hits home. I saw a niece and nephew of mine yesterday. Ages 10 and 9. Both are overweight and are often bullied at school. I have noticed that the only food that they "like" is fast food. When offered healthy food that have a fit. My family and I have attempted to talk to their Father, but our concerns do not seem to help. Report
A lot of folks are *single*, so *sharing* may not be a viable option here - just sayin'......
One of my favorite "diet" restaurants is Burger King. Here me out: I get the grilled chicken sandwich, which if you haven't had it in the last year or so, is awesome now. It contains no cheese. I order it with no mayo. I get a side of Kung Pao sauce instead, which isn't the healthiest thing on the planet, but when I'm out to eat I take small liberties to enjoy my meal. For the side, I get the salad, which also has improved. I get whatever low cal vinaigrette they have (balsamic?) and use half. You really don't need the whole thing. I hate to waste, but it is much too much dressing. Sometimes I get a value menu onion ring order too. Sometimes I get the bundle and have the salad be my side and get my own drink, sometimes I share my drink with my boyfriend. Either way, it is diet soda.

I'm not sure on the cost, because I've learned not to try to eat healthy and cheaply at the same time at a fast food restaurant. However, the onion rings, salad and sandwich come out to under 600 calories with the sauces. That's less than I often eat for dinner at home. Works for me. Not something I recommend eating every day, but if you sometimes have no choice but to eat fast food as do I, there are some acceptable choices out there. Report
I think it is a good idea that some show the calories to help people like me make informed decisions. I don't know where they hide the calories! Report
Did someone catch me indulging on Saturday? Report
on the rare occasion we get to eat out, usually hubby (not on a diet by any means!) gets his own super-sized whatever combo. the kids (11, 8, and 6) all get a dollar-menu whatever, usually chicken of some form or a jr whopper if we're there, and split mom's diet whatever and fries. i get some form of chicken (or jr whopper, though the patties are so much smaller now-smaller i think than mcd's hamburger-and the price has almost doubled, from 99 cents a couple years ago to $1.89 now!!) that is a rare occasion, i will say, especially since hubby's on temporary disability from workman's comp (praying he will be released back to work soon and not on permanent restrictions). Report
This junk is nutritionally bereft and isn't on my's Frankenfood...I wouldn't feed it to pigeons... Report
I would like to see us stop feeding this to our children. It's not good for them, either!!
Plus it just makes them develop the taste for it. Report
Like many others have stated, I also will purchase the value meal and split it amongst family members if I do hit a fast food restaurant. The last two times I've taken the kids I settled for a bite of each of their sandwiches and a fry or two...that usually satisfies my craving and I don't end up indulging in a meal that's going to make my calorie count over the top. Report
Just wow ohhh and thank goodness I hate fast food, tastes disgusting.
I never really did get my husband into sharing food with me... THAT would've been cool, being able to have the big burger, but only half of it. Somehow the Jr. Hamburgers at Wendys just leave me wanting more, not really getting my fix.

Que Sera, Sera! I will simply avoid fast food. It's taken over 3 years for me to actually get to teh point where I'm going less than once a week. I used to fantasize about what I'd order, now I fantasize about the salad in my fridge. And when I'm tempted to stop for convenience, I think about how much the fast food is really NON-FOOD, since it barely contains any REAL food, and very little nutrients. Where is the fiber?

It makes it a lot easier! I'm going to go add that to the secrets section, 'cause it really worked for me.
Jocelyn Report
I often get strange looks from fast food employees when I place my order because I decline the sides or perks, which costs on pennies more but provide much more food. Originally, it was because I didn't eat them, but now, it is to remove the temptation of food that I didn't want in the first place. Having it our way is a good thing especially if our way is no way. Report

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