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Retreat to Nature for a Quick Mental Kick

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones in Nature


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I live in southern New Mexico, on the edge of a national forest and an hour from desert trails. In the summer I go more to the forest and when the weather is colder towards the desert trails. Hiking is my favorite activity, and where I find the peace and strength that helps me through the day to day challenges. Outdoors is where I find my sanity.
Love it! I find the seashore or the mountains to be the best place to re-juveniate my soul.

But today, as my daily blog pointed out, I got together wtih 2 old friends who happened to come to town. What a joy and burst to my emotional well-being! Report
I live in PA where I would rather hike and have a good work out than lay in the sun baking and passing the time. Besides a walk does the body and the mind good! Report
Boy, I live up north in Pa. and I would long to walk on the beach. I guess we all would love to do something differents. Report
I live in Florida so i walk the beach a lot but I LONG to live in the mountains and go hiking often. Report
I live in the MOUNTAINS i love it go walking there all the time. Love the wild life so peaceful i tune in and just listen to the out door channel it is free this way. Report
Great Article! Though not always possible for me to get away camping, it is possible for me to close my eyes and visualise the deep woods, with the small stream. In fact, thats one of the places I visualize most on the treadmill!

Great article. Read the book by BILL BRYSON "A Walk in the Woods" if you want a lot of laughs and great information. He tried to hike the Applachian Trail, which starts in Georgia and goes up to Maine. The book is so funny. Report
After reading the article my mind wandered back to my families last vacation in N.C. I spent most of my time outdoors, as we all did, & took in nature at it's best. There is nothing more rejuvinating & relaxing... Report

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