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My Motivation Has a Name...Almost

Who's Counting on You to Be at Your Best?


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Good article. Report
my health is my motivation Report
The name of my motivation is me. Report
My Motivation is My Granddaughter! Can't Get Better Than That! No Excuses! Report
Great article Report
WOW! Great blog! I'm way past the 'kid needing me' stage, but grandkids are in my future! Report
I used to live with external motivators. I choose to be healthy for my own self.

Selfish? It depends. In my case, it's not.

I used to live my life for others. Doing differently is simple. Not easy. Report
great article.
my motivators can change from one day to the next, yes, family, friends, my son, number one is my health and being here for awhile longer.
and some days its just trying to get my pants pulled up. Report
Thank you for your thought-provoking ideas, Mike.

I will admit, I had to think about it for a minute when you posed the question, "what motivates you?" I am new to Spark People and have spent the last hour or so setting goals and writing motivational phrases for myself. I set my goals based on events like an upcoming cruise, clothing like that cute white suit I bought 20 pounds ago that I only wore once because it barely fit when I got it and competition like my sister in law who can't weigh an ounce more than 120 pounds.

But are these motivations really enough? Do they get to the root of who I am and create lasting, substantive change? They must not, because I am still fat.

My children motivate, yes. I know they love me just as much at 186 pounds as they would if I weighed 140. I know they love cuddling up on my somewhat squishy chest and tummy. And I know they will always look up to me in one way or another, simply because I am their mother. But will they fail to live life to the fullest because I didn't set an example for them? When my daughter is 28 years old like me, will she feel the same shame I feel when I see a photo of myself or go shopping for a new pair of pants? I hope and pray not. Because I want my children to be the best, most confident, most productive people they can be and change the world -- because I know they can -- I must show them how.

Just as I know my daughters have the potential to do great things, I know that I have the potential to do great things, too. I am not living up to that potential now. And for some unknown reason my weight and the way I feel about myself affect the energy I emit and the way I relate to the world.

So, what motivates me? It is the power I now is locked inside that I must release before I can do what I am supposed to do in this life. It is my untapped ability to make others happy to motivate them to live their best life and be their best self.

If 41 pounds is all that stands between me and that kind of influence, then bring it on. Report
Great article. Report
Great article. My kids are a top motivation for me as well. Welcome to fatherhood - it's an amazing ride. Report
My main motivation is to SURVIVE! I have had cancer two times in two years and now I have it again. Exercising and eating right through chemo will make me feel better physically and mentally and emotionally and SPRITUALLY! Report
Congratulations, and thanks for the article! I'm in the same boat. As a woman who is planning on starting a family soon, it's on me to get in shape BEFORE the baby is even conceived. That's why I'm working to lose weight and get healthy. My future children need a strong, healthy body to protect them for 9 months, so that's what I'm giving them (and giving myself also - I've read too many scary things about the risks of pregnancy while obese and/or with high blood pressure). I realize this article is several years old now, so I'm sure you're a great dad to a wonderful kid. :) Thanks for the reminder to think about why I'm working so hard. Report
And to the member who has no one to love, God loves you. He made you just the way you are for a reason. Report
Great article Mike and well written !
I share your sentiments.
When I huff and puff or deny myself that tasty dessert around the corner to stay healthy, my focus is to be there when my now teenagers will themselves become parents and I want to be the kind of grandparent that will run around with my grand children and laugh with them and have fun without limping or on a wheel chair. If every thing fails, I can say my chest and say I really tried! The thought of declaring that I ran a good run always keeps me going even when I platue for months.... Let us know how your baby is doing. Report

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