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How to Get Ripped Off - Guaranteed!

Tips for Consumers


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Interesting that the article appears to be written in 2004 but in the article it says “Flash forward to 2007…” lol, nevertheless, good article for all times even today! Report
Thanks for sharing article 👍 Report
thanks! Report
some of these comments just cracked me up Report
Quackery - oh yes. And very timely in these Coronavirus days... Report
It takes work Report
Great information. Report
Thanks Report
Truth! Report
As long as people continue to fall for bogus equipment and miracle drugs, there will be a market. I think we sometimes get desperate and want to believe in things we know down deep won't work. That's why I am so happy I found SP. Realizing I needed to change my lifestyle to reach my goals made me see how ridiculous some of this stuff is. Report
Thanks Report
Good to know. Report
Thanks for the info Report
Thanks. Report

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