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The Secret Benefits of Massage

The Easiest Way to Combat Stress & Fight Fat


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yes, massage is good for you it releases toxins and helps shift stubborn areas! its reminding me to book up at my local spa,have a special offer at mo.
i am 100 pounds overweight so embarased to go but i really want to so i will put it down for reward at 40 pounds lost i am looking forward to that day Report
This is one of my most blissful moments. It helps when I'm stressed. Report
I will start having monthly massages!

In the past, I had periodic massages and then the prices jumped from $50 per hour to $130 per hour. Now, since the recession, the prices are back down. And, now I know that my body will love me for it:) Report
When my husband passed away, my friends gave me coupons to get a massage every week for 2 months. I was so grateful! Massage is the best stress-reliever on earth!! I still treat myself to one every few months. Now we learn it helps take the wieght off. Life gets better and better!!
Finally justification to indulge in a massage! That's it. I'm calling Massage Envy to book this month! Report
I am so lucky -- the company where I work has had a massage therapist coming in once a week for the past 15 years. Needless to say, I've completely taken advantage of this great perk (it's not free and I use my lunch hour, but I don't have to travel!) every couple of weeks. It is the best thing I've ever done for myself -- I highly recommend it! Report
That's it, I'm booking a massage at the nearest spa! As a matter of fact, I'll call them right now :) Report
I am all for this article. I am training to be a massage theapist and the benefits of massage are amazing for the body! People are starting to see massage as the wellness benefit it really always has been.
Thanks for the awesome article!! Report
I knew it! You see - everyone who has been envious of my seasonal "job" as a willing participant as a "client" at Beauty Therapy Schools - I am only looking after my body and soul and preventing all manner of terrible things from manifesting themselves thru stress etc - I love it! The massages are pretty good too! Report
What a great idea. Pamper yourself and get health benefits. I love it!! Report
I remember "way back when" there were Movie Magazines, the forerunner of our gossip papers today. One of them did a spread of the top actresses and what they do to stay slim. Sophia Loren said she refuses to exercise but gets a massage 2-3 times a week, maybe more when working on a set, and in fact, travels with her own personal masseur. This has stuck in my mind; its been about 50 yrs since I read it! I have always wondered the how & why of a massage working to help keep the weight down. You have now solved it for me. (PS she also said she eats lots of pasta with vegetables and fruit). Report
Omg, I swear that I've been contemplating a massage for much too long. I have the greatest masseuse in the world, but cannot afford to see her as often as I had in the past. *tear* Seeing as how my most recent contemplation was mere minutes before I just happened to encounter this article, I believe that fate is telling me that I should text her for an appointment asap! Report
I love a massage - just wish I could afford one once a week ;o) Report
This is one of the many reasons I love to visit my mother - a massage therapist - as often as possible. Fortunately for me, my husband received some of the training as well. He's just more difficult to coax into doing it as his body is not in the shape it should be (not just weight but past injuries). Report

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