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The Secret Benefits of Massage

The Easiest Way to Combat Stress & Fight Fat


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I have a deep tissue massage twice a month. I have had back surgery and both knees replaced in the last 10 years. As I am working to take off weight and improve my health, my massage therapist is working to relax the muscles and break down the scar tissue so I have a greater range of motion. Plus, what a treat for staying on track. Report
I am almost done with massage school and I cannot tell you how many ways my life has improved from having regular therapeutic massage. Life is so much improved with this one act of self-care. Im proud that sparkpeople is also discussing some of the many benefits of massage. YAY! I LOVE SPARKPEOPLE!!!!! Report
I have greatly benefitted from massage. I had a shoulder problem that could have required surgery, and thanks to a great masseuse it is virtually 100% better. Report
I go for twice monthly deep tissue massage as well as Curves three times a week. They both help my circulation and arthritis problems. Certainly wish they were covered under our insurance plan. Report
Oh yea, I love my monthly massages. I have a membership to Massage Envy and it so nice! A few years back I decided to join - I forgoed my gym membership (wasn't using it) and went for the massage membership. So worth it! Report
One of good reason why we need to have our hair wash and cut at hairdresser - back, shoulders, neck, head massage! It's quite good if not much time to spare, similar like 10-min workout :D Though, can't wait to try full body massage, a treat and hopefully, a destresser (is that a word?) :D Report
I am so happy to see this writing about massage. I am currently a massage therapy student in Oregon, yet should be getting licensed by the end of the year. Massage has been such a positive influence for me and all of my 'practice clients'. I heart massage :-) Report
I've been a juvenile diabetic for 14 years and have been struggling with the gradual weight gain in my middle. Although my physician has preached about diet and exercise for years, he has never once mentioned the benefits of massage or the link between stress and cortisol production... or the cortisol/insulin connection. I think I'll ask at my next check up for a referral to a physical therapist for massage! Report
For all those equally on a tight budget: just get a friend or partner to get interessted in massage with you. I got great massage books from the library and the internet offers a lot of video tutorials which are easy to follow.
Of course this is not a professional massage which will help again medical conditions, but getting a scalp massage or shoulder neckline one...hhhhmmmm.... just as relaxing!
My love and I now regularly bet when we have different opinions on a subject and the stake is always a different type of massage. Report
I am actually going to school at Carlson College of Massage therapy right now here in Iowa. I am so happy with the program and your right..... this is a great way of relaxation... I recieve and give a massage almost everyday. This is a great way of relaxation and it is a great benefit to any one who were to try it... Take it from.. i guess you can say... and expert..(ameautur) Report
My thoughts on massage....aaahhhh.....good for the body...good for the heart...good for all....good for me~ Report
I have fibromyalgia and massage works better than any medicine ever dreamed of during a flare. I know it seems crazy that when your skin is so sensitive to the slightest touch to actually be massaged, but it works! Report
I just got a hot stone massage on Sunday! Those are my favorite. I still feel great. I also had one after a week long road trip of Vegas and various national parks. After all the walking, hiking, and time sitting in a car, it was heaven!

I read years ago in Time that massage is very helpful for people with body image issues because being touched helps them to appreciate their own body more and realize that they're not so unatrractive that someone won't touch them.

If you don't have the money to go to a salon, find a massage school! You'll save a ton of money (in Philly it's like $35 for a student massage at the massage arts center's student clinic, and I got one at another school that I don't remember paying anything for) and feel good about being part of the learning process! Seriously though, you'll get a really good massage there.

Also, as a therapist on this board said, if it's not comfortable, speak up! I wound up with a slight burn (just a red mark that took a day to dissipate), but I can't blame the therapist because I didn't tell them the stone was too hot. They're massuses, not mind readers! Report
I loved reading everyone's opinions about massage. I too am a massage therapist(maybe we should start a team) and for those of you who feel self conscious rest assured that as a whole massage therapists are not a judgemental bunch. I for one believe massage is for every body. Schedule one asap as a treat for all your hard work to lose weight. Report
I keep on saying that I need to find a GOOD massage therapist. Haven't found one since moving to our new area about 6 years ago. I am hoping that somebody can recommend someone, but haven't received any feedback yet. I need to try harder, and make it a biweekly or monthly expirience. It makes you feel soooo good. Report

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