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Overcoming Overeating

New Strategies to Stop Overeating Before You Start


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Buying preportioned snack size items can be expensive. Buy regular size and snack size baggies. Do it yourself and have them ready. :) Report
Support groups here on sparkpeople are crutial to help when overcoming the challenges of overeating! Report
I need to go back to water during meals. Water between bites does help slow down eating. It helped before and then I stopped and forgot about it. Report
Thank you for the reminders for portion size. In an effort not to go over the amounts, I often go way under, especially when I'm outside the home and I can't measure my portions. Report
All seem to be very good suggestions. However, even though I don't have junk food in my van to "mindless munch" I do keep backup for when next meal has been pushed till later. Have actually thru meal in a bowl to go out the door and eat on way to next stop. So this twenty minutes to chew slowly and not eat in the car doesn't work for me. Unless it takes more than 20min to get there, then I could pace myself.....maybe? Report
Excellent suggestions. I'll adopt some of them. Report
Good article. Report
great reminder Report
Very good need-to-know information. Report
Great strategies to overcome overeating! Report
I saved this article as I found it helpful and if I read it enough maybe some will sink in. I am an old dog with a memory like a steel colander - full of holes. . Report
In over 40 years in the service and @ work I can prob'ly count the times I got to finish a meal. The rule was eat fast or go without. Eating slow ios a real challenge for me. My dietician has given me some tools to use (a large clock, putting my silverware down after each bite and Chewing my food rather than inhaling it- stuff like that) Portion control is a problem as when I eat too fast, my stomach still registers hunger even though I have had more than I need. I have partly resolved this by careful measuring and NO seconds. period. also by trying to consume it as slowly as possible to savor the taste. It sure as Hell is hard especially with "trigger foods", and because I like almost everything there is a lot of them. Report
Thanks for the info! Report
Slow eating is still a struggle for me. Report
good informaiton Report

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