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Beat the Flu! Here's How

Tips to Prevent and Overcome Winter Viruses


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Interesting. I agree that homemade chicken soup is helpful. I make mine w/ lots of diced garlic cloves, carrots, celery, onions, & parsnips; salt substitute & white pepper; plus either a whole chicken or the thighs. It loosens the congestion in your head & chest by thinning the mucus. The soup is also easy to digest. I normally remove the meat to cool then shred discarding any bones before returning to the pot. We rarely have room for noodles but barley or brown rice can be added.
As for orange juice, I prefer eating bell peppers & snacking on cherry tomatoes to get my vit C, or maybe eat an orange in segments. I do squeeze lemon juice into hot water that has raw honey & some ACV in it at least once a day. I also take zinc picolinate only while I'm sick & recovering. Since I have allergies, I do not use echinacea tea nor take supplements.
I tried flu shots a couple times. While you cannot get the flu from it, often the strains used are not what they thought would dominate in the months it takes to produce enough vaccine so you could end up still having the flu, just likely a milder form as you'll get some related protection. Those who get reactions may be allergic to the eggs used, allergic to other substances contained in the material like a preservative, or were exposed to a flu virus prior to the injection that finally caught up to them while their body was building up antibodies in the immune system.
If it's a cold, I use Puffs for my nose as those seem the softest tissues & good old fashioned Vicks rubbed directly onto the forehead, under the nose, or on the chest especially at night really helps. I set up the vaporizer too particularly in the dry winters or if you live in an arid climate, it can relieve done of the misery. Report
Thanks. Report
Great advice. 👍 Report
Good info. Report
Aha! Chicken soup! Validating Jewish mothers everywhere! Report
Got my free flu shot at work today, SparkFriends. Oh yeah Report
Getting proper nutrition, exercise, rest, staying hydrated and getting a flu shot are all good ways to prevent the flu. Report
The most IMPORTANT thing you can do is to get a FLU SHOT. Everything else in the article is helpful but not as important as getting the FLU SHOT!!! Report
Thanks for the info. I get a flu shot every year year. That, along with staying healthy should do the trick. Report
Great, thanks! Report
Good article. Report
great ideas Report
I rarely get sick but my friends swear by oil of oregano. Any thoughts? Report
I think its more than common knowledge that hey can only protect you from the 2 or so many strains that they figure may be bad in the coming season. I have been getting one for as long as I could (think its been 12 or so many years now) and YES in my experience it HAS made a difference. Anything that prods your immune system into action will help even if it isn't the exact same strain it will help your body to fight the infection. As to the saying the CORRECT form is "FEED a COLD, STARVE a FEVER!!" WHY would you want to ADD fuel to a raging fire? Report
Last time I received a flu shot, I got the flu. Report

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