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Beat the Flu! Here's How

Tips to Prevent and Overcome Winter Viruses


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Great, thanks! Report
Good article. Report
great ideas Report
I rarely get sick but my friends swear by oil of oregano. Any thoughts? Report
I think its more than common knowledge that hey can only protect you from the 2 or so many strains that they figure may be bad in the coming season. I have been getting one for as long as I could (think its been 12 or so many years now) and YES in my experience it HAS made a difference. Anything that prods your immune system into action will help even if it isn't the exact same strain it will help your body to fight the infection. As to the saying the CORRECT form is "FEED a COLD, STARVE a FEVER!!" WHY would you want to ADD fuel to a raging fire? Report
Last time I received a flu shot, I got the flu. Report
Every time I see grapefruit or grapefruit juice recommended, I feel this should be added. (Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are on medication, as grapefruit products have been shown to alter or nullify some medications,) Report
I absolutely do not agree with SP stance on getting a flu shot. I am a pretty healthy person due to eating properly and not keeping my home as hot as many people do. I agree with the other commenter about that. Our house is normally around 60-62 in winter during the day. Add good nutrition in and keeping fairly active has worked for us for many years. Flu shot - don't need them. Report
I can't remember the last time I had flu and I rarely get colds. Mind you I do like airing the house out even in mid winter and I keep it quite cool so I don't suppose germs can survive long here. Report
Actually, the old saying is "IF you starve the cold, you feed the fever" when we have a cold, our taste buds are not very active and food just isn't as appealing. Remembering that we need nutrition more than ever and continuing to eat healthy meals will help us feel better faster.

It's funny how the little IF at the beginning of the phrase has been dropped over time, leaving us with a mysterious either/or situation. Let's put the IF back where it belongs. Report
I appreciate this article mainly because it focuses on prevention through means of common sense and a healthy lifestyle. It is a reminder to have a healthy lifestyle throughout the year not just during the winter months. I especially like the fact the author did not say get the flu shot because there are things that we can do to prevent getting the flu. Report
Several years ago my employer offered free flu shots to everyone. An error was made and live vaccine was given. We all got really sick. Three years ago I had a bad reaction to a flu vaccine. My doctor said every year he has a few patients who have bad reactions. So I skipped a year. Last year I knew I was going to be in the hospital so I got one. Didn't get sick so I suppose I will get one this year. Report
You know you are still liable to get the flu whether or not you get the flu shot! The flu shot only protects against two or three, sometimes four types of the flu. There are thousands of different types of flues out there. What the hope and the word is hope to do is control the flues that they feel may cause the most deaths. It is causing contriversary where I live. Especially since they have had studies showing the shot is less than 50% effective against the flu they have been designed for and even less for Seniors.

I think washing hands often and not touching your mouth or eyes before washing them with soap in water are the most effective ways of preventing the food along with a healthy diet and sleep. Report
So you didn't get a flu shot even though it was recommended and then you got the flu! Well now what? After you get well from that bout of the flu if it is still early in the flu season GO GET A FLU SHOT! There is more than one strain of the flu and the shot will protect you from the ones you didn't get when you caught the flu in the first place. Unless of course you want to offer yourself up to the flu viruses then just go on your merry way, but stay away from the young and the elderly and anyone else who might have a poor immunity. Protect yourself and those around you! Get your flu shot. Report
Or get a flu shot and don't worry about it. Report

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