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An Apple a Day

Enjoy the Fall Season's Freshest Pick


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i eat fujis as snack and as dessert. to add extra crispiness to the cinnamon apples, add crush graham or wheat crackers. yum! Report
I also LOOOOVE the Honeycrisp! They are already in stores on Long Island! Report
Yes, Honeycrisp! I am luck to live in the NW and I drive to Hood River, OR to visit the apple farms there all fall. Of all of the varieties I have tried, Honeycrisps are hands-down the best for eating. If you have never had one, you should try them, they are more $$, but worth it. Report
I LOVE Honeycrisp apples! Can't wait to start seeing them again in the stores. They cost more and aren't in season as long, but well worth it when they show up! Report
I love a fuji apple every day for lunch, sliced with natual peanut butter. Report
I have to give a shout-out for the Honey Crisp apple. There's a fruit farm just around the corner from where my parents live, and my husband and I decided to go apple-picking. Their website was informative about what apples were in-season and what they were good for. Most went something like, "Tart. Eating, baking." Honey Crisp was described as "Juicy. Eating, WOW!" Heck, even the sign above the Honey Crisp bin said simply, "WOW!" So yeah, they make for a good eating apple. I imagine they'd make poor applesauce, though! Report
Every Fall we take the kids to the different local orchards. We are in NC and "Gala' is a big favorite of ours for everything. It is so much fun for us and the kids! This is also a great way to get out and see what other produce they offer through different seasons. Lots of fun! Report
It all depends on taste and what's best in your area. I *always* use Granny Smith apples for baking, whether it's a crumble, a cake, a betty or a pie. Even for applesauce. I also *always* used to keep my apples in the 'fridge, both when lived in the northeast (NY/NJ) and when I lived in the Pacific Northwest. Then the cold apples started bothering my teeth, so I left them out. I now live in Israel, and leave them out and they're fine.

Best apple advice? Buy one of a lot of different types and have a taste test. Do it a few times a year, because different apples are available at different times. Then buy and use the ones you like. Period. Report
It's best to buy apples in season, and pick-your-own is the best of the best. Many apples that you buy in stores have been in cold storage, hence the mealy taste and the lack of crispness. If you live in an area that grows apples consider yourself blessed!! We have a great orchard that is close to where we live .. and we are going to be going there soon .. Report
Just tried Honey Crisp this weekend - love them! Report
Ms. Hand knows her nutrition, but I'm not sure she bakes with apples. Haralson and "greening" apples are the pie apples. If you want to go to the expense of using Granny Smith, you can. Haralson's also make the best home made applesauce. Here in Minnesota, where we have great apples and a huge variety of them, no one I know eats Red Delicious. MacIntosh are not tangy enough to make good pies or sauce, though they are certainly great eating apples. If you are in a state that grows apples, best to get them from the orchard now that the harvest season is on. Report
let me know when Hendersonville/Asheville apples are ready! Report
my fav for eating are pink Lady and Honey Crisp but every once in a while I have a have a granny - for the crunch and tart -
I made a pie with a combo of honeycrisp, jonagolds and grannys. using a combo exponentially improves the pie flavor.
The apple crop this year in the Hudson River Valley area is supposed to be the best in a very long time. I've been going to the farmer's market almost every weekend and buying honeycrisp. I know the article said to refrigerate them, but they don't stay in my house long enough for refrigeration. I eat one for breakfast, share one with my nieces, eat another with pb for a snack and the next thing I know, it's time for another run to the farmer's market.

I keep looking for Mutsu, and the vendors keep telling me it's too soon. Aaaahhh... the anticipation is killing me!

This year, I'm making applesauce! Report
I'm with Beebailey and DJ1383 on the best apples. Honeycrisp weren't in season when I decided to try another variety, Pink Lady/Cripps. Yum! Similar texture and density to my all time favorite Honeycrisp. One Christmas my niece bought me a bag of Honeys -- best gift EVER! Report

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