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Research Study Recommends SparkPeople

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great. Report
Good to know Report
this article helped me to understand more about the spark people and I'm glad I joined. Just the article I was looking for thanks. Report
Yep, science has proven what we already knew. Way to go, Spark!
Good article. I try to do all my work so I can get on SP everyday. And at night before I go to bed. NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR SP. Report
I have introduced SP to everyone I know who tells me that they can't understand how I can (a) exercise every day without feeling bored or giving up; (b) watch my diet but not give up completely on the sinful stuff; and (c) sleep well on most nights at my age (almost 55!).

The balanced views presented, the speed at which matters are addressed and the support from fellow members are more, much more, than from other sites!! Report
Great to hear good publicity about this site! I love it and more people should know about it. Report
I heart SP. If only I'd been more active when I first learned about it...I'd be that much further ahead. Oh well, better late than never...

This is the reason SP has worked successfully for me when nothing else did in more than 60 years of "dieting". Report
Good article and just proves what I've known all along and that is that SP is a great website with lots of great advice. Report
I just read this morning that folks who join a group lose more weight than folks trying it alone. . . and the larger the group, the higher % of additional weight lost. The newspaper actually put it at 1% per added group member. We Spark People are really, really lucky . . . Report
Good article! Summarizes some of the reasons why I feel SparkPeople has made a big difference for me. Keep up the good work, everyone! Report
good article, I am again motivated and ready to continue my journey. Report
I'm not surprised at these findings. I have learned a lot on SparkPeople. The advice here is realistic . I have never read any article that says you should do anything one way only. The experts give you pros and cons for exercising on an empty stomach, etc. It's up to us as individuals to do what works best for ourselves. SparkPeople is not a fad diet and that's why it works. Report

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