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Eating a Healthy Diet With Lactose Intolerance


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The reason most people of the world are lactose intolerant is because milk is for babies; to fatten them up an help them get bigger. Isn't that what it does to you? make you not only sick but bigger? Cow milk is for baby cows, horse milk is for baby horses, etc. You can't get milk from an animal unless it had a baby (same with your body). Report
Thank you for some great ideas Report
Milk is for baby cows...not people. Report
Article is old and could be updated and brought up to modern times.
Please. Report
Great Report
Just so you know, about 75% of Jewish people of European descent are lactose intolerant. Also people whose heritage is Greek, Italian, and predominantly Arab countries, although not as high a percentage. Might want to clarify that in your article, since we are also considered Caucasian. Report
Great info since I have a DIL who is lactose intolerant. Report
Tysm for the info, although most of it I've read numerous times in past years. I am truly lactose intolerant and have been for MANY years, especially when I was expecting my twins--both of whom are also now lactose intolerant.
Perhaps SP nutrition analyzers should take this into account when they constantly tell me that I have not consumed enough Ca for the day when they see that I ALWAYS substitute almond, coconut or cashew for regular milk, etc. What's the point of doing a profile if the meal plan constantly includes foods/items that your system doesn't tolerate?
Again, thank you for the excellent article. Report
Great to know info! Thanks for sharing this one!!!! Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
I hope you crush all your goals today! Report
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I have a dairy allergy & manage fine without it altho there are now lots of alternate products that wasn't always the case. I appreciate especially the coconut options. Calcium is tricky and most people need more magnesium so I take the two together then get my potassium in food. Taking minerals later in the day is best; vitamins esp the Bs in the morning so they don't keep you awake. The dairy industry has many people who need jobs. That's why you can't order a sandwich or burger anymore w/out having to say, pls hold the cheese. Pizza & tacos are cheap & have lots of cheese. I don't think it's only sugar that has made us fat; it's cheese & bacon on everything us desserts are typically cheesecake or something served w/ ice cream when you eat out. Dairy is invasive & unnecessary if not downright unhealthy. If 1 in every 4 or 5 people can't eat a certain food maybe our body doesn't recognise that substance as nourishment? Kind of like those pet food ads where the owners recognize they've been feeding their dogs filler & not meat. We are not calves. Report

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