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Lactose Intolerance and a Healthy Diet

Ditch the Pain, Not the Calcium


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I am not LI but it was a great article.. Report
Nice article and informative. Didn't realize all the gradations. Report
Good article. Report
good points Report
Thank you for the information! Report
Many people, whether they realize it or not, are sensitive to milk/milk products. It is inflammatory and for those of us with auto-immune diseases, it's just going to aggravate an already overloaded system. Soy is no better. The only calcium you get from the milk alternatives has been added, so just take a supplement. Soy in any form should be avoided due to how it is grown (GMO). It is also mimics estrogen and males should avoid it like the plague! Wonder why you see so many more men with swollen breast tissue? If you eat a wide variety of veggies, you'll get enough calcium without the other complications! Report
Just shouting out a big Thank You foe this information!! Report
My husband can't eat or drink anything dairy. Lactaid milk or yogurt makes him miserable. I bought supplements that was supposed to help but didn't. Now we have gotten away from all dairy products. Report
I forwarded this to my brother, who in his 60's developed lactose intolerance. He was surprised that you did not mention in the article that in an extremely high number of cases, medications (pills) contain lactose - so that a person who is taking a large numebr of pills will probably be consuming a lot of lactose before they even start trying to consume it in foods.
He also was surprised that you make no mention that butter and cottage cheese are fine (note: we are not in the USA so it might be different there).
Just for the record............
Wishing you all the best of health!
Sue Report
i find that i can drink goats milk i have several places to goats milk alot easier on tummy and taste great with cereal but still small portion only Report
I can not have milk or soy milk. This did not start until last year........ Report
I have found that even with a lactose intolerance/eczema caused by milk, my son and I can drink cows milk with no reactions whatsoever...if its Raw milk; no pasteurization or homogenation...just right from the cow. Its still got all the good bacteria that those processes take away...the stuff thats good for your gut, that aids digestion. When you take away the good bacteria during pasteurization it makes it hard to digest the milk itself, which is why so many people have an intolerance. Now I don't know what the concensus on raw milk is here and while I'm a big supporter of it, this in no way means I am trying to tell anyone to drink raw milk...its just what works for us. If you don't like milk, OK, don't drink it. I happen to love it and am overjoyed that we can enjoy it now without any I'll effects! Report
I'm lactose intolerant. I drink almond milk or lactose free milk, which I personally think tastes much better than regular milk. I don't generally have problems with cheese or yogurt as long as I don't eat too much. Ice cream is usually a hit or miss for me regardless of the amount. Some times I can eat it without any problems and then others I have issues with even one spoonful. Report
I've found I can have one dairy containing food (never straight milk or soft cheese or ice cream) if I don't eat any other lactose foods for a week. I also take acidophilus 4x a week to keep my innards healthy. For years I avoided it totally until I learned the importance of a healthy gut. I also eat lots of high fiber foods like beans to keep things "moving!" Report
I'm lactose intolerant. I find I get symptoms if Idrink more than 4 fl ozs of milk, a yogurt or soft cheeses so I have soya substitutes. I also like rice milk and goat's milk is ok too. I only eat hard mature cheeses or 85% dark chocolate and I avoid anything else with large amounts of milk or milk products in them.

As for calcium, since I had a gastric bypass I'm prescribed 2 calcium carbonate 1.25g/colecalciferol 400iu calcichews at night, so I don't have to worry about that. Report

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