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10 More Tips for Your Wellness Journey

Easy Ways to Get Healthy


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I also like to buy flowers to give a sense of beauty around me, and a massage when time allows~ Report
I also like a gentle head/scalp message. Report
Those are great ideas of pleasant things to do rather than mindless eating if bored or stressed. Thanks for the list of ideas. Report
I was especially touched by the idea that I am in control of the path I follow so that gives me more power to control my appetitie! Report
Hadn't thought about writing thank you notes ! Also love the marble idea! Report
aah ... thank you! Report
The basin we had at home was too small. Switched to an old (clean) oil basin, for changing car oil. Works like a charm! Report
LOVE the marble idea! I need to find something to use as a basin when I get home! THANKS Report
the foot massage idea is splendid.. and the working on clutter.. I am pretty organized most of the times but I guess re organising would help too! thanks so much! Report
I LOVE the foot massage idea!!! Report
I like the marble mini massage and the take 5 minutes out. Thank you for the positive suggestions. Report
Awesome. I am gonna MAKE time for a foot bath thingy! Report
I'm gonna have to try the marble foot massage! My feet need some tlc, my berber carpet shreds my soles. Report
Chewing gum really does help. I stock up on it all the time. I noticed when I run out, I find myself snacking a lot more... works for me:) Report
chakra: some days are just easier than others, it is a good boost to read these articles, thakyou :) Report

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