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10 More Tips for Your Wellness Journey

Easy Ways to Get Healthy


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I feel inspired by this article. I'm saving it in my favorites.
Yes, the clutter!! There is an old saying: "The chaos about thee is but the confusion within thee." So true: but which caused which???? Report
Love the suggestion about getting rid of clutter. Unexpected, but right on the mark. Thanks for this article! Report
love the article and all your comments. Thank you! Report
As a result of cleaning up the clutter, I found 4 journals empty! They are sitting on my desk. I usually write on scratch paper??? Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish. Report
Fabulous article. Time to incorporate these on a regular basis! Report
I loved this article and plan on adding all to my life on a weekly basis some even daily to help improve my life and take time out for me....great article thanks! Report
I love to soak in a hot bubble bath with just one candle to light the bathroom, and some relaxing music. It's really relaxing before bed. Report
Yay! I am doing a lot of these things today, by coincidence. Just wrote a note to a friend who recently moved to a place where she doesn't know anyone. Doing some cleaning and resting, and making sure to drink my water. I liked the idea about the marbles in the foot soak tub -- I hadn't heard of that before. Report
Dang, did you peak at my life today??? Report
Feet massages are excellent and they are stress relievers!! Report
Epsom salts are fabulous for another reason besides relaxing foot soaks. You can absorb magnesium through your skin this way. A lot of us are short on magnesium and it's important for bone health, so if you've been having trouble getting enough, indulging in bath salts with Epsom salts in the ingredients can be a big help. Report
Putting a coat of polish on my nails will keep my hands out away from food for a bit! Report
I will remember to take 5 everyday! Report
"Take Five." This is one that I forget far too often! Report

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