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3 Ways to Refresh Your Treadmill Workout

Don't Get Stuck in a Treadmill Rut


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I'm rather proud of the book / laptop rack I put onto my treadmill. Now depending on what I read or watch while I'm on the treadmill I sometimes only get off it when my legs start giving out. (Usually after two hours.) Report
I listen to music, and read gossip magazines on the elliptical trainer (or books -- but they can't be too substantive). I also glance at the TV in the gym, which is playing CNN, and I get some news that way. Report
Since I don't get alot of time to read, I download audio books to my ipod and listen while I'm on the treadmill. I even have some exterior speakers I can connect to so that I don't have to wear headphones if I don't want to. Makes me stay on the treadmill a little longer and the time goes by faster. Report
Something I like to do while I'm running on my treadmill is pray. I run between 5 and 7 miles 5 times a week, and it gets monotonous even if I'm watching something. When I pray, I finish feeling at peace with the world as well as relieved of the stress from work. I can pray for pretty much everyone while I am running. Report
I use my Ipod in many different ways, Videos, E-books, and podcasts I have a new podcast each day Report
I agree that I don't want someone striking up a conversation while I'm on the treadmill. Although at times it can be repetitious and become boring, most times I use this time to do my most creative thinking, a sort of meditation. I find the suggestions here very helpful for variation on those days when I simply cannot conjure up anything creative in the old noggin and will use them. I particularly like the one from the gentleman that has MS and was persistent enough to find a way to keep himself limber. Good for the mind, good for the soul. Have a wonderful day. Report
My laptop fits in the book/magazine rack on my treadmill, so I can either watch tv/movies ( is awesome!) or surf the internet while I walk. Makes the time go by faster, too! Report
I read when I am on the treadmill if you have a good book the time just speeds by. Report
my treadmill is in front of the TV. I record The Price is Right on my DVR and run while I'm watching people win prizes...great, fast paced show for jogging... Report
I watch videos of walking through a scenic area...forest, jungle, desert. I enjoy the videos and by the time I'm done, I've reached my goal. Report
Not sure how changing the incline and speed makes much difference as such workouts are already programmed into the treadmills at my gym... and I don't think I'm alone in saying I really don't want to converse while working out. At my gym there are some who do converse with each other or worse, talk on their cellphone therefore even LOUDER, and their voices don't sound conversational, just shrill and stressed and obnoxious *SHUT UP!!!!!!!* ahhhhhh quiet. hehe

Personally I jazz mine up with music or plug my earbuds into the tv monitor and watch the news or a show. I figure if the treadmill is boring (really it's only exciting to hamsters because it's their only choice) I take my workout outside to the track or park. Report
i am sorry but having this article that you had to click three times for more/page1 and two.... and there was actually no substance. i don't use a treadmil.l, and i could'a told you that stuff , in one sentence too. Report
I must be a very dull person as I love running on a treadmill & dont find it boring at all!

I like to keep up my running fitness for races and this is the LEAST injury free way to do it. Also I can crank up the treadmill to speeds I could not dream of doing 'unassisted' to get my HR up without fear of damage.

An iPod is essential for me - either a podcast for a long slow run or some tempo songs to get the speed up!

I never let the treadmill go below at least 0.5 degrees and go up to 3 degrees depending on how fresh I feel. (I read somewhere that 3 degrees is the best angle for minimum injury?)

I have recently been doing high intensity runs - there is a good article on SP on this - you start with 1 min in every 10 then work up to 2 mins over the space of 6 weeks.

I never run more than 40 mins.
You forgot to mention MUSIC! I have a treadmill that has a hookup for an IPOD, but I actually use an old fashioned boombox right next to the treadmill. I plug in a favorite CD to avoid having to deal with commercials and DJ yapping, or I listen to a radio station after 9:00AM, when the "morning shows" stop. Now, I even get motivated just hearing a song from one of my favorite artists. I completely lose track of being on a machine when I'm wrapped up in the music. Report
Ohh I hate when people are talking to each other while they're on the treadmill! My gym plays music and the talkers feel the need to scream over it at each other, which I find completely distracting and not at all helpful to my own workout since half the time I get so annoyed I get off the treadmill before my time's up. Besides, if I'm working out, I don't want to be able to talk - if I can, then I don't feel like I'm working hard enough. My gym has 18 TVs mountd on the wall in a line, and you can plug your headphones into a little remote control on the treadmill (or elliptical) which is what I do when I'm working out (either that or bring an issue of Cosmo, since each model in there is inspiration to keep going!) Report

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