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This Isn't Goodbye, SparkFriends--It's A New Beginning


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You mean I'm going to lose my VERY IMPORTANT FAVORITES LIST?!!! It has taken years to put that into good, daily working order. I am very sad to have to make such an important change at this point of controlling my diabetes. SparkPeople has been a godsend, and I will be very interest to see the elements of SparkAmerica as you complete your development process. Report
I joined "Sparks" in Feb 2004 !!! I'm VERY disappointed for it to go. Looking around now, not seeing a lot to replace it that doesn't cost alot. I remember my comedian son once, as a little boy, asking me, "MOM!! Does SPARKPEOPLE KNOW YOU'RE EATING THAT!!??" LOL Yeah I'm as disgruntled as everyone. It has been a way of life - "If you BITE IT, YOU WRITE IT". All my records since 2004 are here, so I'm seeing what I can download. But I am happy I made as may SPREADSHEETS as I have over the years for myself. Thought I was crazy, they would have. But at least I'll have some data left. All I see so far worth looking at is MyFitnessPal for $50 a year. I guess if you don't pay they dump your data - no idea. Report
My heart is broken...
I've logged into SparkPeople almost daily since the first day I had a computer that connected to the internet 2005.
I will miss my daily food logs and personal notes.
SIGH...what a lot of copying I need to do before August 17.
Sad for us, but wishing you the VERY BEST OF SUCCESS
~T. Report
A sign of the times, but rotten. Report
So sad. This site has helped many of us in hard times. Best to you and your future. Report
I will miss sparks people so much. I've been here off and on since 2012.
So many changes to deal with during this pandemic. This is one more I didn't need. It's a silly little thing but I will miss my spark page, it was own little space.

I do hope Chris and his family are well.
He's been an inspiration and I thank him for all he's done over the years.

Thank You Chris!

Good luck to everyone, where ever you land. Report
Very sad, as i've just come back. I've been a member since 2009....after reading this, it appears I won't be able to continue to the other platform as I'm from Canada. To all out there, thank you for your support. I wish you all well! Report
Very disappointed that SP is going away/changing platforms. No matter the 'positive' spin they are trying to put on it, like everyone else, their bottom line for changing/shutting down, comes down to the fact that they want a cut of what all of the other premium paid sites are bringing in. Sad but true... Report
Very sad to see all this go away. Good friends and support with great groups. Why can't people have the option of paying for this SP and keep the new SPA also? I am already a Premium member & this SP has helped alot . Report
Thank you for letting me use your free Sparkpeople website over the past 12 years as I battled with my weight continuously going up and down. Now I have been truly invested to healthy nutritional eating due to health issues, and I am sad to lose my 12 years of tracking foods. As I am in Canada, I will be signing off now as I must continue with my tracking on a new platform. Wishing you a successful new platform for your American users. :) Report
Meant to say was going into my 10th year. Not able to make edits if at this point it matters. Also I won't be taking my 5 spark points for reading this either. Like I say this is where I say goodbye. Report
What's going into my 10th year here on sparks. Have met many wonderful people and enjoyed writing tons of blogs! ... Match more on this note I will be saying goodbye. Report
So sad! Thank you SP for all you have done so far. I do not believe I will move on to SparkAmerica. Take care everyone! Report
so- I tried to sign up for the new site, only to be stymied at the last step... sign up for the company or city team in the drop down box... nothing drops down and the box won't let me type anything in. I guess we're not ready for prime time? Report
Lots of sad people according to the comments. I joined Spark 10 years ago and made many friends on many different teams. Recording my intake was great, but the friends and the encouragement what what made me keep coming back and a "failure" and meeting up with old friends. The groups/friends are a major loss to me,,,, major! Report

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