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This Isn't Goodbye, SparkFriends--It's A New Beginning


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I find it very sad Spark Guy just gave up on this site and they can;t even tell what time the site is turned after all the years many have been sparking shame on you . Report
Tried SparkAmerica, and it has a clean look and great information, but felt very lonely to me. I'm slowly adjusting to using other platforms - haven't settled on one yet. At first, I wasn't sure what my life would even look like without SparkPeople and I'm sure on August 18th, I'll be feeling bereft all over again. Still, it's been a great ride and I'm glad good friendships will last beyond Spark! Report
Not impressed with the new site. Not user friendly at all. Why not spend the money used to launch the new site - - into the current one that is global and not limited to the US? Epic fail on many levels. Report
Thank you for working so hard to keep this site open for so long. I will miss it but will join the new site! Report
I signed up for the new site so I could look around. Not impressed. I can't use my fitness tracker (it's a Garmin Vivofit) and I wrote to them but basically they said most likely wasn't going to be included...What the... It just seems to be a mess. It doesn't flow. No sense of community like here. For me it's a fail Report
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The food and exercise trackers mean SO MUCH to me. I hope they will continue. While I enjoy other aspects of Sparkpeople, those two pieces are vital to me. I was diagnosed with a heart issue in January. Tracking my food (and seeing the various "components" like sodium) may very well be extending my life. PLEASE continue those two pieces. Thank you. Report
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i am very disappointed in Sparks People. I am Canadian and have been a member of Sparks for a long time. it's nice to know that we are forgotten. Report
I'm very sad to hear that this site is not only closing but only being available in the USA. You are narrowing your market excessively and I suspect that most people will start switching to your competitors such as MyFitnessPal. Wishing you the best but really disappointed you are forgetting about others around the world. Report
Working on it. Report
thanks Report
I went to the new spark....I will not be going back. It doesn't offer what I like and is very creepy Report
So America First hits Spark. The change of name to Spark America is offputting and would make this Canadian not want to participate any further in this site. You have limited your international appeal. When will Americans learn that the Internet is an international tool? What a shame. Report

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