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Discover Your Reason to Race

Advice From a Former Olympian Marathoner


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Very inspiring! Thank you! Report
interesting article Report
Good article. Report
I register for two large races every year. This coming 2018, I’ve booked a spring AND fall marathon. This keeps me motivated and training for 8-9 months and the reminder to relax. Having accountability with goals in place is the best way to be disciplined and stay in the best possible shape.
Even booking smaller races, 5 and 10k’s is a fantastic way to motivate. Excellent article!!! Report
nge.html is link that someone else mentioned

I'm interested primarily in the challenge & inspiration for myself. I'm fairly non-competitive, & actually think it has fostered some of society's ills. I've done 1 5k almost 7 years ago. I actually like running for its own sake, but stopped, because.... But now, motivated to start again to try & do one in 10.5 weeks - couch to 5k. Report
It's all about the bling! I love races with finisher medals! Report
I thought I wasn't interested in 'racing' until I started running 5k with Park Run. The emphasis is on everyone getting round the course, timed, but not a 'real race'. However, I soon found I was very motivated by my 'time' and the quest to improve it, or at least to run it more easily. I discovered I was actually quite competitive - and having someone just in front of me to 'chase' is also very motivating! Report
This is a great article. One I will read a few more times to keep it in my memory! Thanks so much!! Report
Thank you for writing this. I'm one of those who never did sports growing up, and never thought of myself as good enough. I'm running now (at 42), not very brilliantly, but with great joy. Your quote about being a beautiful and passionate athlete brought tears to my eyes. Report
Sorry, I don't jog and I don't do windows. I tried running back in the '70s when I was much younger, slimmer and more fit. I could not get a stride no matter how hard I tried, short steps, long strides, forget it. So I went back to walking. Just because my husband had to run because he was in the military didn't mean I had to.
When we were in Germany we did 10K Volksmarsches. They were fun, but I can't do them today. I've done 2 5K Race for the Cure, but probably can't do them now because of health problems.
Not everyone can race, and those of us who can't or don't want to shouldn't be made to feel guilty. Report
I am running my first 5k tomorrow! I am so excited! Does anyone have any pointers about what to do the day before and the day of the race? I want to make sure that I am ready! Report
I love this article! This describes me completely! I can't say that I really love running, but I definitely enjoy racing and that's why I keep running! I like training for the runs and I love the rush you get while running the race!!! Report
Great blog and true , not to long ago I DFL'd in an 8 mile race but this was after I recovered from two broken legs - what amazed me was that most of the Seasoned Athletes that attended the race stayed to cheer me on as I crossed the finish line - now I am training for a Tri - never give up ! Report
I have never run but I always liked walking. Report
I like running. But never tried running in a race. No more than a dog after me. Lol Report

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