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Are Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Actually Good for Me?


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Let's not kid ourselves that faux meats are really produced for vegetarians or vegans. They're for meat eaters who want to eat less meat but want something that still looks and feels like it, plus is convenient and quick to cook.

I'm not saying it's wrong, you're entitled to eat whatever you like. But as a vegetarian myself I use a lot of beans, pulses and tofu in my cooking and only occasionally indulge in these kinds of foods as like all convenience foods they have far too much salt, sugar and oils/fats that I don't care to imbibe. I'd much rather have a delicious chcikpea tagine made from scratch. Report
A very interesting article. It surprised me only a little. Less processed is better seems to carry the day. Report
Its the total components of a food that is important to view. What is added will often make a big difference. Report
Interesting read! Thanks! Report
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The bias against vegan options is incredibly strong in this article. Ethically, I can't even hit that I read this article so I can get the points. Just NOPE. Report
I just stick with chickpea burger Report
Great Blog! Thanks for sharing! Report
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Good article. Thanks. Report
One bad result of the impossible burger and other highly processed vegetable burgers is that non chain restaurants that used to make very good, not highly processed veggie burgers are replacing it with these for convenience sake.

While I make my own (using Jeff novick's bean burger recipe) usually as a Neatloaf first, and then slice and use as burgers for the second day, I do appreciate some store bought versions as backups on busy days. My favorite are the ALDI;s brand veggie burgers made with edamame.

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Good story. Report
I'm glad I read your article, and it jives with what I learned about veganism back in 1980. Yes, the trend goes back many thousands of years before that even.

Having worked for a butcher shop once, I can absolutely say for a fact that if your "burger" bleeds then it wasn't from a reputable source and you should discard it. Animal meat that is sold to the public has been well-bled and drained. That red stuff is a protein called myoglobin. If meat tasted like actual blood no one would regularly eat it; even blood sausage is an acquired taste and has plenty of salt and spices and grains in it.

Thanks. I did enjoy the article. Report
Good to know. Report

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