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Post-Marathon Recovery Tips

Rest and Feel Better after the Big Race


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I always have run an easy 3 mile run the following day after the marathon. It’s tough to get out there and do it but I find it help ease tense muscles. Sitting and doing nothing tightness my muscles and makes recovery worse. Report
I don't see myself ever being a marathoner. Report
I liked reading this Report
Not a marathon runner, but these tips are common sense! Listen to your body!! Report
I enjoyed reading this Report
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definitely to old for a marathon Report
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This article is really nice but i guess the author should have guided us with more practical advise. Report
Much more to it than putting in the training, psyching and covering the miles - WOW ! Report
This was a nice article, but I sort of wish it had more specific, practical advice. Like:

- How long should I wait before running again? What should my maximum distance be on those runs?
- How many more calories should I consume after completing a marathon, and for how long?
- How much more sleep should I get?
- Are there certain nutrients I should try to consume more of after the race, to aid recovery?

I just completed a half-marathon on Saturday, and I'm trying to take it easy this week, even though I'm sort of antsy to get out there again. I start training for my first marathon in early June, and I've read (in Hal Higdon's marathon guide) that it's important to take it easy between training bouts, especially before marathon training. I'm just trying to gather as much information as I can, so that I can make informed decisions about training and recovery.

And I'm definitely experiencing the post-race blues a little, especially I don't have running this week to help clear my head! Report
Nice article- sadly enough I doubt very much I will EVER be in good enough shape to worry about this. Report
Nice article- sadly enough I doubt very much I will EVER be in good enough shape to worry about this. Report
The most important part of recovery after a maraton, rehydrating and eating shortly after finishing. Massaging sore muscles... and stretching out really good.

Cross training is a great idea. It's been shown that swimming speeds up recovery after hard runs or races. Keeping your metabolism up speeds recovery. Cycling is good too, slightly different muscles groups and not impact to joints.

I'm usually doing a short run 2 days after the event.

It does get easier. After my first marathon (that I likely didn't train enough for), I could barely walk when I went grocery shopping ht next day. I literally used the shopping cart as a walker. But what I did a 50k trial run 3 months later, I was sore, but able to walked ok the next day and was training again normally a week later. Report

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