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Reasons to Eat Less Added Sugar That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss


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Thanks for sharing Report
thanks for the info..reduce sugar & reduce cancer. It's worth it! Report
Thank you Report
great Report
Very interesting! Report
Very rarely do I add sugar to anything - except when I am baking! Report
good info Report
Good need-to-know information. Eat more fresh fruit! Report
thanks Report
sugar is everywhere. you can not hide from it. they add it to make us want to eat what they make . you carve it and then you eat more and more of what you want to eat less of. Report
Great information! So important to stress how destructive added sugars are. Giving up stevia and drinking black coffee was a major victory for me that has big pay offs! Report
Seems like a sensible approach. Report
For those of us who are addicted to sugar we know the struggle is real! I have been a YOYO dieter for years...just slipping up and giving in to sugar starts a vicious cycle! It requires much determination to get the mind set to go through the headaches and withdrawals from sugar. Spark People helps to keep us informed with articles like this. Report
Nice read! Thanks for sharing Report

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