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Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Therapy but Were Afraid to Ask


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Good to know, SparkFriends Report
We never know what and when we need it, SparkFriends Report
Great article Report
I can claim with confidence that psychological science has not been relevant now and practitioners should be referred to when there are issues already. But it has long been on the Internet and so I suggest that I look at and get to know the experts in the same way as it is possible to find and work with now, without trouble and without problems. I am very grateful for it, they have taught me very well. I hope you did, good luck! Report
Great article Report
Finding a good therapist with a personality that "fits" with you is marvelous, and immensely helpful. I've just restarted therapy, and hoping like the dickens the practice doesn't make me change to a junior therapist. Report
Awesome...thanks!! Report
My son who has OCD, has seen a therapist before, who helped him to do two things - control his OCD and got him to accept the fact that the OCD will never really leave him. The best he could ever do for himself was to control it.
This therapist was effective and my son, I feel, used the services, very effectively.... Report
Very helpful information. Thank you! Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks Report
rather interesting Report
thanks Report

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