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7 Habits of People Who Never Get Sick


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I seldom get sick. Wash your hands off and avoid sick people. Report
Thanks Report
interesting Report
Good info Report
Good one! Report
I try to do most of these Report
An interesting article. I Think that all of these things lead to a healthier life, maybe not that it is the singular thing that makes one not get sick. Be happy, be healthy, do great things and you will be healthier. Report
Saying get enough sleep is a joke, at least for me. I will have nights I am so tired, I can barely hold my eyes open, get to bed and can't sleep for anything. Electronics are turned off at least an hour ahead. I think a lot of it is my age. 65 messes with sleep. Report
mostly it's genetics. Report
I attribute wellness to getting some outdoor time everyday, eating some greens at least 3 days a week, smoothies at least 3 days a week, washing your hands a lot . Report
And maintenance of clean hands! Report
Great Tips!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Report
I would add that they wash their hands frequently. Report

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