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A New Definition For ''Old''

Life Tales From a Former Olympian


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Aging is a lot easier if you keep moving and keep fit Report
I will be old the day after I die. Currently I am well endowed with years. Report
Really fun article. The more active I am the more I want to be! Report
Good stuff Report
A good article. Since getting to my "upper sixties" I found I don't have to sit back and get old. I am now more physically fit then when I was in my forties. Report
Old is
How you feel
How you act
And what you make yourself do.

Mum (88) keeps house, the light jobs, hoovers, dusts, makes all the food, washes, irons, crochets, knots and can tell you end to end what happened in the last episode of he4 favourite soap Report
Great info! Report
We just have to keep moving our body's everyday! Report
Old is a feeling. Report
Even though there are some things you cannot change, your behavior determines a lot Report
Nice! I work with a lot of younger people
(Who are in their 50s!!!) who choose to make snide remarks about my age... not directly but indirectly so. It sometimes gets me down and I have to remind myself that I am doing very well in my mid 60s young and it will be interesting to see how well they are doing themselves as they age!! Not so very well I suspect! Report
Thank you for that! I sometimes struggle with this notion of "being old" and sometimes let myself fall into a self-made rut. Doesn't have to be that way, does it? Report
I needed the extra push! Report
Great article. At 66 I seldom think of my age but then I had a great role model in my mom! Report
I never thought that at my age (71), I would feel the strength and vitality that I do. I believe that walking 3 - 5 miles a day for the past couple of years has kept my body from deteriorating. I hope to keep up this pace for the rest of my life. With Spark and my Spark friends, I believe I can. Report

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