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Is an Elimination Diet the Right Option for You?


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Our 2nd son had serious problems with cow's milk and soy when he was a baby. I breast fed 3 years. In preschool, I took him to a pediatrician for hearing problems. The doc put him on decongestant for 2 weeks Nothing happened. Doc's next step was tubes. I said, NO. Give me 2 weeks with no dairy.

Doc argued abut symptoms in a 3-yr old but I forced him to do nothing for 2 weeks. I took all dairy from the house. Within 3 days, the 8-yr old stopped waking with congestion. WOW. I told him, 'now you know.' At the end of 2 weeks the Doc was amazed that eliminating dairy cleared my son's congestion because he was 'too young for that to be a cause.' Report
My doctors eliminated both dairy and gluten. Now if I eat either of them by mistake, I can easily see why they were eliminated from my eating plan. It makes me wonder why I ate them for so many years. Report
Thanks Report
thanks Report
Very interesting. I have some sensitivities and may take a similar approach to identify the triggers. Report
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this is a very good article thanks Report
My doctor prescibed Metamucil for me!!!!!! Report
thank you for the info... Report
I did an elimination diet in 1977 that changed my life! I found out I cannot eat eggs at all. Life is so much better now! I highly recommend people try this if they are having problems. It could give them answers. Report
I was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis which is a chronic, allergic inflammatory disease of the esophagus. It occurs when a type of white blood cell, the eosinophil, accumulates in the esophagus. The elevated number of eosinophils cause injury and inflammation to the esophagus. This was found when I had a scope done and my doctor put me on the 6 food elimination diet. It is really tough eliminating so many foods from my diet at once and I am a very picky eater but when I started having food impactions and couldn't swallow I took it very seriously. After 5 days I lost 2.6 pounds which is definitely a plus but it is difficult. Sorry the post is so long! Report
Great article Thank you. Report
Great Article! Thanks! Report

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