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Is Chronic Complaining Affecting Your Happiness?


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It's hard to listen to chronic complainers Report
Yes...complaining never seems to help anyone. Everyone can use something uplifting and positive. It’s very helpful to consider one’s audience and to check the negativity at the door. Great blog! Thank you for sharing! Report
Great article Report
Great Article I wish more people that Complain all the time, would think about how complaining breaks down their happiness, as well as the person, that is having to listen to them.. Report
This is a very good article. I will gladly share it with my Face Book friends. Report
Very true! Report
Something to think about...something to work on..Thx! Report
Thanks! Report
It took a long time but I did finally break that problem Report
Yeah, we all hate complainers . . .I don't complain, I grumble, lol! Report
I don't care very much for complainers also!!! Report
I really don't like people who are always whining. And they usually are whining about the same things over and over again. Report
I find if I write or blog out what is bothering me in the moment, I can accurate reflect on the situation and either handle the situation or change my attitude when it's a situation that isn't going to change!

Good article. Report

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