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How to Gracefully Handle a Pushy Co-Worker


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thank you Report
Good ideas. Sometimes you have to do more, but “pick your battles”, then it won’t effect your health as much. Report
I follow your suggestions most of the time. I feel they are too passive, but Confrontation leads to stress, and stress leads to unhealthy choices. Report
Thanks for the info Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Rude is as rude does Report
good ideas Report
I rarely encounter pushy people these days and the reason is that I don't allow them to move even an inch with me. These are the people who believe it's their right to expect you to put their problems ahead of yours; it's their right to expect you to have 48 hours in a hour and to solve their issues first.
Keep away from these people...eventually others will do the same.... Report
thank you Report
Good ideas...thank you. Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
So glad I am no longer in these kinds of situations! Report
great info Report

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