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6 Signs Your Work-Life Balance Is Way Out of Whack


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Too bad America's corporations aren't really on board with this.

I refused to get a laptop at work. "But you'll be able to work from home a few days a week!" really means "You'll be expected to be available for work evenings and weekends too."

No thank you. Report
Great article! Report
We all need to take care of ourselves w/a break when we need it -- mentally and physically!

I don't feel a bit guilty when I take a break. Whether its for a few minutes or an entire day. I don't give a flying flip who cares Report
Great Article! Thanks! Report
Thanks Report
Definitely something to think about...Thx! Report
I used to be that way in my 20's,, learned fast to change.. Report
Good article Report
You have to remember work is not everything! Report
An excellent Article! Thanks for sharing this one! Report
Good article Report
Good article! Report
Im doing good Report

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