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11 Things You Must Do to Achieve Financial Freedom


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Lots of good points in this article to digest. Report
Great Report
Very good article glad that I saved for retirement Report
Great tips Report
Great tips! Report
Budgeting is very important. Report
I started by saving change in a glass jug, using coupons, and buying life insurance in my teens. I am now on SS , the only income, and have invested and saved at every opportunity. I have enough money to leave for heirs, plus. It was hard, I we went without food, clothes and could not afford even a jar of pickles for ten years, but I refused to give up.
It can be done. Report
Good ideas Report
Great tips. I'd love to meet with a counsellor or take a course that teaches how to do a budget. Thanks Report
Thank you Report
Thanks Report
Great information thank you. Report
i agree with LiZDAWEIRDO'S comment. If you have never been in a place where you are barely making ends meet and cannot even afford to set money aside for savings; then you cannot understand how hard it is for those of us who are struggling. Those of us who cannot get ahead and cannot even pay off one creditor. Those of us who cannot afford insurance even on their homes and now need repairs and have no money for it. All well and good for people who get paychecks twice a month but for someone on Social Security it is different. Report
Once I became debt free (have financial freedom) I had a lot of things change in my life. Sleep became better, was able to buy what I want without credit cards. Report

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