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Return to the Outdoors with Your Bike

Get Fit & Enjoy Nature While Cycling


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I bike to work 2-3 days a week. It's almost 8 miles one-way. I feel really good on days I do this. Also, I've saved a lot of money on gas and public transportation. Report
I think the article was missing something I believe is correct, which is that the balance it takes to stay erect on a regular bike(as opposed to a stationary one) helps with core strength. I tell myself it does, anyway! As far as the sun exposure goes, I do believe that any time outdoors, with or without sunscreen, helps us keep a more positive, energized mood, whether or not sunscreen hampers vitamin absorption.

I LOVE my bike! It helped me lose 50 lbs several years ago; and I've been getting on it more frequently lately to try and lose the other 50 I still need to lose. I ran into a woman at my office yesterday who's visibly shrunk, and when I asked her what she's been doing, she says she's purchased a bike and has been using it an hour each night. This woman's in her 50s with joint problems, and if she can do it, anyone can! Report
Good article about biking. However, this comment struck me: Sun exposure allows your body to obtain vitamin D (but don’t forget the sunblock). Correct me if I'm wrong, but if we wear sunblock, it will block the sun (hence the name) and subsequently, the Vitamin D. Report
I have a three wheel recumbent I love. It is low to the ground and loks like a "cool machine" It has been to hot but I will be getting back out. Report
I rode a bike for the first time yesterday since 1998. In 1998 I could ride easily up and down hills for 5-6 miles straight. I had more difficulty yesterday with about 3/4 of a mile due to the fact that I had knee surgery that was messed up. Thanks for the motivation. I am actually teaching my brother how to ride his bike. Report
Rode my bike yesterday for the first time in years. I did pretty good after I got used to it, though my butt is really sore today! Report
Great article. Report
I love cycling but my buddy moved to Medicine Hat and part of one of my favourite trails has been used for an overpass over the freeway (I used to bike BESIDE the freeway):( Report
I love cycling but my buddy moved to Medicine Hat and part of one of my favourite trails has been used for an overpass over the freeway (I used to bike BESIDE the freeway):( Report
My husband and I just purchased bikes at the beginning of the year and we have had so much fun exploring our community! We have lived in the same place for the last 11 years and we are only now seeing some of the beautiful parks and trails available in our area. We even found a wetland only a few blocks from our home that we were unaware of! Love my bike, it doesn't feel like exercise, it feels like playing! Report
Got on a bike for the first time in 30 years!! Bit wobbly at first with a lot of stops and starts. The neighbourhood children were out playing and I felt a bit shy so waited for them to go inside. Then I gave it another go, just up and down our driveway about 20 times and then took the plunge!! Out onto the road and rode for about 20 minutes before it got dark. The heavens opened up the next day so am waiting anxiously for the next time I can get out...on my bike!! I love it!!! Report
I'm glad to see this article, I love to bike In the summer hubby and I go for long rides on the weekends. In the spring/summer we also commute to work and do some errands via bike. Report
Stop using your bike for a clothes hanger. It gives such a great workout. Mine sits in front of the TV in the bedroom. Love my bike. Report
This article makes an excellent point, bike riding is great; at any level or speed. When I am riding my bike, which isn't often enough, I feel like i'm 12 yrs. old again. Report

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