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Include These Ingredients in Your Lunch to Stay Energized


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Good information. Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Interesting suggestions. Some would work in my lunch program Report
good aricle Report
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So much of this I learned by trial and error. Once I got a burger or grilled chicken sandwich and discarded half the bun. Later I wasn't hungry and had more energy. Now that is my standard. With Chinese food, I skipped the rice and had more of the meat. Same result.

My biggest issue is when we travel by car. So often we are driving into the sun and I fall asleep after lunch. Report
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A lot of good ideas here. Report
Good info, thanks Report
Interesting information Report
Good article. Report
Thanks Report
Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Report
Beans, for real? Is there anyone on this planet that could eat a plate of beans at lunch and do not have farts all afternoon long??? You are a lucky guy! Report
Good reminders! Report

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