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7 Things You Can Do to Put an End to Over-Snacking


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Thanks Report
Interesting, SparkFriends. Thanx Report
My doctor has said that due to my diabetes I'm supposed to eat 6 times a day. Well, I'm one that this bit of information doesn't work at all. I pre-portioned my meals out so as to get the right nutrients, but I stay hungry constantly. This also keeps my mind on FOOD all day long. This is not the way to go for this girl. I eat 3 meals a day and 2 small snacks. If I were able to exercise I could walk my way to no hunger. In the past, walking alone curbed my appetite. Now that I'm only allowed to do my physical therapy, once again I'm hungry. Each of us is different and no one rule works for all. Report
'Thanks for the advise Report
#3 & #4 are key Report
Interesting. Did the author try the suggestions? Report
Gosh, this journey is so darn difficult. Report
I rarely if ever snack and never eat after dinner at night. Report
Just practice healthy eating. Report
Great article Report
"snacks that satisfy you"

Well, that's the key, isn't it? None of the things listed would be "satisfying" to me, at least not in the "proper" quantities that are provided... Report
My opinion, based on my experience and the research and clinical experience of Dr Jason Fung, who wrote The Obesity Code: Do not snack in between meals. The concept of snacking tracks the Obesity epidemic. Americans are overfed, mostly attributable to snacking, touted by the food industry for their profit, not for anyone's health. Report
I take the time when I grocery shop to pre-pack my snack into portion controlled sizes and place them back into their original packages/containers. Then during the week I can grab and go this insuring I am only eating one serving.

The times I am worst are those times when I don’t follow my own guidelines. Report

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