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4 Ways to Eat Mindfully in a Busy Workplace


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Some good information in this article. Report
Great Advice! Thanks! Report
One of the worst things at work was when the Wilton instructor would bring in a cake decorated in class and because she was watching her weight she'd leave it in our breakroom, so there was always this steady stream of delicious, beautifully decorated cakes... ugh. Thankfully we have a new instructor and a new curriculum that doesn't involve any consumption of cakery. *lol* Our potlucks can get pretty silly as well. Last one had three different kinds of chili; it was glorious. Report
some are pretty good suggestions Report
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Great info! Thanks! Report
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I do okay most days but today for breakfast we had the Target Cinnabuns and it was so sweet but oh soooo good. I didn't go back and my mind stay focused on what I needed to do the entire day. Report

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