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Learn to Love Budgeting With These 9 Expert Tips


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Great tips Report
Good article. If you really want to do something, you will get it done. Report
Awesome tips!!! Report
This article has some really great tips! Report
Great reminder, because we tend to get caught up on daily life and forget sometimes. Report
This is a great start and we all should have some type of budgeting plan in place, SparkFriends. Report
Good suggestions. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
I guess I don't understand budgeting like I thought I did. I have my pay auto deposited to a checking account and another checking at a Credit Union. Funds are auto deducted from the Credit Union account to pay car and home insurances, taxes and car payment. I believe my employer will only deposit to two or three different banks. Having said that do you have a separate account for the sinking fund, the emergency fund, the "fun money", etc.? Life seemed to get in the way when I tried to manually move some of the checking account money to a savings account at the Credit Union on a regular basis. There never seems to be enough to go around to all of these funds. Am I just trying to put too large of an amount away? Report
Thank you Report
Good one! Thanks! Report
Live below your means and save, save, save! Report
Great stuff! Report

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