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6 Ways to Silence Your Racing Thoughts


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I'm reading and heeding, SparkFriends Report
Thanks. Report
thank you Report
Thanks. Report
I do the breathing thing, and while doing it I just take in the sounds around me, and I don't stop to think what are they, since it's a white noise type of thing (I live in the city, but in the country crickets etc are white noise) and I am OUT 8 out of 10 times within 60 seconds if that. Oh it took me time do learn this but keep it at. It really does work. ALso I rarely use the bedroom after I am up for the day. Report
This is a good article. I am going to try some of these tips next time I am having trouble getting to sleep or I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep because of all the thoughts racing through my mind. Thank you. Report
Thanks for this article! Report
I'd love my brain to stop focusing on bad things from years ago that don't even have relevance anymore other than making me feel awful! Report
After doing all kinds of things to help me sleep and stay asleep, I now us audiobooks. I put on a old favorite that I know well and won’t be wondering what comes next or what I missed hours later like The Hobbit, and off to sleep I go. Report
Good ideas Report
thanks Report
After doing some emotional brain training, I learned to lovingly address my self-criticism and I pray--I turn over the rest of the racing thoughts to God and ask for sleep. Usually my prayer is answered Report
I struggle with this all of the time. Report
Good suggestions. Report
This is hard, but I will try some of these suggestions... Report

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