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Don't Exclude These 5 Foods From Your Diet


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Its literally the BEST weight loss community
anywhere, I read it everyday, and I'm also so grateful I found
it helped me not only lose weight buy keep it off, hope it helps some others, very effective! highly recommend! for those who want to lose weight and lower sugar level fast. Report
Thank you for the tips! Report
Great article! Report
My problem is that I am diabetic and I either have to exclude or be very limited on 3 out of 5 the three suggestions. Report
Eating in moderation is key, we should not deny ourselves any food, unless your allergic to it, or plan just don't like it. I love 100% whole wheat bread. Do to a intestinal disease. if it is flaring, I must go to white breads, along with other high fiber foods eaten in small amounts. Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Great article! Report
the+article%2E Report
I love most of these foods! Thx! Report
I'm not real crazy about canned fruit as I prefer to eat it fresh however, I feel all food should be eaten in moderation even the healthy foods. Thanx for the learning opportunity, SparkFriend. Report
I have tried on and off over the years to ditch some of them, thinking it would help, but keep going back to eating them because they are healthy despite the bad rap they get! I have learned that variety is the best approach for me. Report
I try to find a way to incorporate all these things on to my nutrition tracker almost everyday! Report
Potatoes, eggs & bananas are some of my favorite foods. Moderation works well Report
Chocolate. I eat a small chocolate bar every day with 150 calories. Ok. sometimes I have 2. I'm slowly losing weight. Report

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