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Do Experts Give Blue-Light Glasses the Green Light?


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i've never heard of blue lights as being good for the eyes Report
Great..thanks! Report
Great article! Report
I learned that blue lights were good for your eyes! Thanks for sharing!!!! Report
Good to know info! Thanks for sharing! Report
great article Report
This information is good to know, SparkFriends Report
Food for thought. Thanks Report
Just had my annual exam, and my optometrist recommended blue light filtering glasses for me, as I do work at a computer all day. Report
Interesting. Report
Back in the day we called were called Blue Blocker Glasses! Lol huge black glasses that were part of "As Seen On TV" ads- Go Figure Haaa Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Very interesting article. I had heard of blue light but wasnt sure the glasses were effective. Thanks! Report

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